Ruffled Feathers

This may or may not be the world’s most boring outfit. But it also may or may not be what I wear pretty much every day. I just find wearing jeans, especially on a busy day, to be the easiest and most practical option. I don’t have to worry about wrinkles, or getting my pup’s pawprints on them, or feeling uncomfortable at any point.


I also have a somewhat funny story about this particular pair of jeans. When Ashley was in town for fashion week, we had a pretty crazy Friday. We were going uptown, downtown, and crosstown trying to squeeze absolutely everything in. The plan was eventually to get back to Hoboken so we could both change and freshen up before heading back into the city for my birthday party!

Traffic had a different plan. We were in an Uber for 45 minutes and had only gone two blocks. Between the US Open and NYFW, everyone was on the move. I couldn’t bowl in my dress (well I guess it was possible, but wouldn’t have been ideal. We jumped out of the Uber and popped into the Madewell that just so happened to be right on the corner. I didn’t need a new pair of jeans, so I was kind of annoyed with myself for buying them… but honestly? They’re my current favorite pair! I got the 10″ rise so they’re perfect for all kinds of tops, including cropped sweaters.

Carly Heitlinger

And this top? I keep reaching for it. Especially when I want to still look like I put a ~little~ effort into what I was wearing.

Leopard Flats Madewell Jeans  Ruffle White Blouse

Blouse // Jeans // Shoes // Handbag (c/o) // Similar Watch

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Are you wearing a white or nude cami under the blouse? I went to check it out (via your link) and it looks like the eyelet detail around the chest doesn’t have any lining (which wouldn’t fly working in a middle school, haha). I just love the style but hate when shirts aren’t lined (not a fan of camis, going to have to work on getting over that). Love the outfit!!


I’ve never been a fan of leopard print but I love your flats (they look so cute with basic b&w tops). I’ll be on the look out for a less pricey version too. Love the top!