Runner, me? No…. YES.

Let me start by saying I’m the least athletic person ever.  Sure, I’ve done every sport under the sun for at least a week… but once a ball went whizzing by my head, or I got a sunburn, or I developed a fear for diving in the pool, I was DONE.
Then I started rowing the summer after my freshman year of high school.  Except, I wasn’t boated all that much.  Little 16 year old Carly was barely 100 pounds and just  5’3″.  I did a LOT of running that year.
When I started coxing, my short-lived actual athletic career ended.  Until now.
Since coming home for summer, I’ve been running every morning.  It’s weird.  I would under normal circumstances cringe at the thought of running up the stairs, let alone running a mile… or five!!!
I feel weird now if I don’t run in the morning, don’t run fast enough, or don’t run far enough.  I’m totally channeling my inner Bun&Borough.  Let me tell you, I’ve NEVER felt better.  Sure, I’m exhausted by 9am and my right ankle is killing me and sometimes I limp when I stand up, but I LOVE it.
I’m seriously wondering what’s gotten into me.
I started running for just thirty minutes.  I pretty much ran the same course, as I love running down Bayshore!  After a week, I decided to measure the distance that 30 minutes was taking me.  Surprise!  3 miles, to the brick.  I was blown away- as was the rest of my family!  Here’s where my personal competitiveness and obsessive personality come in.  I’ve been running 5 miles now, and only going up from here.  In fact, today I plan on 7.
Obviously, I want to run in style.
I can’t justify spending a lot of money on workout clothes… I mean, I sweat so much in the Florida sun, so what’s the point.  I LOVE TARGET!
The best sports bra ever.  I’ll take one in every color, please and thank you.

I like my Nike running shorts, but running in little booty shorts, especially for longer runs, is the best… and added motivation.

A recent discovery made by Soccer Mom…. neon tanks.  They’re super thin and wick away moisture.  I like the high neckline too, because it keeps the sun off my chest!
Who else runs?!

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check out lululemon it's my absolute favorite workout clothing brand and it makes running 10x more fun


Way to go, keep it up! I love running and have been for about 2 years now! It makes you feel so much better and have more energy! I recently finished my first marathon and the feeling it brings when you cross the finish line (of any race really) is priceless!! Great job!

Haughty by Nature

Ah, summer breaks in college were the BEST for working out. Target workout clothes are just as good and last as long as anything I've ever worn. You are inspiring me to finish this cup of coffee and get off my rear end!


I ran all through high school, but the snow in college and my hate of treadmills made me stop! I started reading bun&borough a few months ago, she is soo inspiring!! makes me want to get back out on the trail, even in this humid weather!

Southern Charm

I'm like you. Me a runner? Only after an ice cream truck. But since this summer I've been running too and I'm trying to motivate myself for a 5k at the end of this month. Plus it keeps me from sleeping in every day and feeling accomplished by 10 in the morning.

Prep In the Midwest

Got an Iphone app for you! I started using "iMapMyRUN" (it was free) and it's AMAZING! It geo-tracks your course, tells you time and pace and you can then share that with others via social networking as well as use other courses recommended in your area! LOVE IT!


I used to love running! I had to really, it was that or be miserable during lax practice. But due to two bum knees and 1 bum ankle I was forced to stop. I have since started stretching and added joint strength training but I am hoping to run again by the end of the year. It will be the first time in 4 years that I have run for anything other than being late for class!!


I normally hate running but I have been working out alot since summer started so you might just have convinced me!


I used to hate running as well, and though I can't say it's my favorite thing, I've certainly become more accustom to it since I've started rowing. I really surprised myself at how far and fast I could go, considering I used to be slower than anyone in my gym classes (thank goodness gym is a thing of the past!)
PS: I am IN LOVE with those Target sports bras!


Best sports bra ever. Way more comfortable than more expensive versions I've tried. Christine at B&B inspired me to take up running this summer, too. Happy running! Xoxo, Sarah


i love running! i'm currently up to 3 miles a day but i want to get up to atleast 5! tell me what songs are on your running playlist…. i'm starting to get bored of mine!!! ps- i love your blog 🙂


I run for tennis conditioning, but it's pretty much sprints only! I love to run on the treadmill, though, somehow it goes by faster than outside for me!


i agree with the previous post…i would LOVE to know what is on your running playlist 🙂 I too started running recently and I'm already getting bored with my mix.

ps. The iMapMyRun App is phenomenal, and you can also access it on your computer to track the distance of your run 🙂


I used to love running but I hurt my foot in January and haven't been able to run again. I'm hoping I can start again this summer!


Target does have the absolute best sports bras–and the best part is all of the fun colors. Such good prices you can buy the whole rainbow!