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I was resizing the images for the post when I realized how similar this outfit is to one of my favorite posts from when I lived in the city. This combo (sneaks, skinny jeans, something grey, and a Barbour) is clearly one that stood the test of time. I actually still have that grey scarf…. I need to pull it out to wear again because I forgot how great it is.

Barbour Sage

My go-to bag of late (that you’ve seen plenty of times here!) is this Neely & Chloe one. I love this little guy and think it’s so cute paired with the sage Barbour– match made in heaven?!

I also have to note that I just saw that Barbour makes a plus-size Beadnell (sizes 1x-3x)…. really excited to see that.

Tretorn SneakersCarly Heitlinger How to Style a Barbour

Barbour Coat // Sweater // Similar Jeans // Shoes*** // Handbag (c/o) // Sunglasses

***PS I just saw that these sneaks come in a BLUE GINGHAM!

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I’d love to see you pull similar outfits from the archives. Obviously links wont happen but just some photos of days gone by in similar styles or variations. Like a “I wore a similar style here here and here” but with photos in post. Just a suggestion from a lIUyal reader 🥰


I have been stalking the blue gingham sneakers since last year and they have been out of stock. Is it possible they are relaunching? That would be amazing!


I haven’t had that many issues! I did get a little smudge one day when we had our sod installed and a patch of dirt fell on them! But I used a toothbrush to just brush away the worst of it!