Did I ever share these photos on my blog?! I don’t think I did. I have not been as diligent about posting what I want to post on my blog versus just easily popping something onto Instagram. (Which, you know my thoughts about that now 🤦🏻‍♀️)

These are from the Bahamas last month… I am still dreaming about that trip. Actually now that I’m writing this, I was going to just mush over how much I love this little baby of mine and how cute he is. But we all know that already. I’m just thinking back to how much I loved that Bahamas trip and I am not a good traveler. It’s hard to even admit– because people can’t believe it– but I don’t even like to travel. Not only do people not believe it but it’s usually met with a little bit of judgment. Especially now that traveling is such an “experience” with social media, it’s almost expected that everyone must romanticize globe trotting. I get why people do, I respect it for other people. I just know myself: I do not.

I’m always grateful I went somewhere new… when I get home. Leading up to the trip and then during the actual trip, I’m usually a ball of anxiety. A big part of it is building up expectations and wanting a perfect trip and then feeling like I can’t relax trying to get everything scheduled leading up to it and then executing while we’re there. (It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that I have a hard time letting loose.) It’s a huge reason why I like to go back to the same locations again and again. I know what to expect, I know I like it, and I can actually enjoy being there…

Going to Harbour Island was the perfect new location for me. It’s small and manageable, so for the week we were there I felt like we got to do and see it all without ever feeling rushed or pressured. The trip wasn’t “perfect”– I had a horrible sinus infection and Jack was teething and naps were missed and everyone kept saying how much rainier it was than usual– but it was perfect for us. We had a great time. I was happy we went when we got home and, most importantly, I was happy to be there while we were there!

My Bathing Suit (c/o) // My Hat // Linen Pants // Jack’s Hat // Jack’s Bathing Suit

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I love to read your thoughts. Lots of love for your family and the baby <3

Courtney Jenney

The cutest pictures of you two! Also, I think I have to agree… On recent trips, I’ve found myself looking forward to going home and/or even opting to go home a day or two earlier! Traveling is tiring!!


These two pictures need to be in a frame. what great pictures and that blue sky above. Just so adorable with what you have on and Jack too!

Marlene Wilson

These two pictures need to be in a frame. what great pictures and that blue sky above. Just so adorable with what you have on and Jack too!


Cute outfit and cuter bebe! I appreciate you talking about travel anxiety. I also don’t get the “globe trotting experience” that social media has ruined. There’s something to be said for investing in and enjoying on a daily basis your hometown or state. There’s something romantic about being involved in and rooted down in your own community, versus hopping on a plane every week to visit a new place to Instagram.


I honestly feel the same, and I used to be ashamed about that! 2020 would have been the year I would have been adventurous and traveled a lot ; )