Scallop Dreaming

One trend that I’m glad has not only stuck around but seriously exploded this year? SCALLOPS. I thought they were good last year, but I think they only got better!!! I have four scalloped dresses already (whoops) and I still don’t think I’ll be able to resist purchasing this one.
With March finally here I don’t feel as guilty stocking up on springy things. I’m getting very bored of wearing the same sweater and jeans combination day in and day out. I want some color! Little dresses! Adorable flats! 
I rounded up my favorite scalloped things on the market right now:
Scalloped Drop Hem Dress // Scalloped Bathing Suit (this has been on my wish list for a couple of years!)
Have any cute scalloped items caught your eye this season?

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Oh all the scallops! Could they be any cuter? I am still lusting over your scalloped Kate Spade winter coat! Hopefully it will go on sale soon 🙂 I also love the scalloped bathing suit. My favorite scalloped detail is definitely at the bottom of dresses and shorts — I would recommend checking out Asos because they have a ton. My all time favorite trend for Spring that I am so glad is still popular are tassels everything!!

Annie Belle