I’ve been doing a bunch of style posts recently. Namely this is because I’m completely bored with my wardrobe. So many of my clothes have carried over from college (and, frankly, quite a few pieces from high school). I feel like I should be dressing up more instead of opting for the absolute most comfortable outfit I can whip up. 
Or… it could just be the weather. We’ve really had a couple of nice days here and there, but there is still much to be desired. (Although, as someone kindly pointed out… I should probably invest in some self-tanner before going barelegged!) Yeah, so I’m bored with my wardrobe. And I’ve been having mid-afternoon quarter-life crises on the reg. For some reason, I’m convinced that I fix this crisis issue with a bunch of new clothes. Which, I absolutely know is unreasonable… but it’s still fun to “window shop.” (For the record, window shopping nowadays means opening up new windows on my browser!)
One trend I’ve been drawn to over and over again is scalloping. Such a wonderful soft, feminine detail. Add a simple scallop and the entire piece goes up a notch or two… or ten. Yep! They’re just oh-so-sweet.
I kind of want them all… but if I had to choose only one, I think the ballet flats are calling my name. (I’m all for wearing amazing heels, but flats are my jam.)
Okay, can summer just hurry up and get here!?
Are you sick of your clothes and ready for spring/summer too? What clothing/accessories are you most looking forward to in the warmer weather?

PS This scalloped stationery set is perfect.
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Jessie Springer

I've written a couple of posts on scallops lately.. They're just so perfect for transitioning to the more cheerful days of spring! I also just bought that J.Crew dress this past weekend – it was just too wonderful to pass up! Check out my mutual love for scallops on my blog.



I love "scalloped" clothing too! Lilly's Buttercup Shorts have always been a favorite because the cut is so much more flattering.


Could you do a post on how you make the picture with all the different clothing items on there all collaged together? And I think I like the flats the best too! I am also eagerly waiting for spring and summer to wear cuter clothes! I'm so over the rain!


Vina Smith

I really must do sme spring shopping soon… I can't stand my "winter uniform" outfits and have been trying desperately to switch them up if only the weather would cooperate 🙁 Come on warm weather, you can do it!!



I absolutely adore the scalloped prints. It is nice and feminine without screaming frills. I can't wait for it to warm up. I have so many cute outfits planned around white pants and shorts, but I can't bring myself to wear them just yet… I am waiting till after Easter, or at least until the first day of Spring.

Rachel at StyleSteno

Unfortunately, I'm feeling the same way. I'm spring cleaning this weekend to help. I feel an uncluttered and un-wintered house will help me feel more refreshed too.

Some of my projects include fixing clothes. I'll do the usual reattaching lost buttons, adjusting hem lines and storing winter items like tartans. But your post gave me the idea of refreshing some old dresses with scallops. I bought a sewing machine last November for precisely this purpose – to make my old clothes new again. Have you thought about getting one or taking some items you don't wear as often to a tailor?


Ooh, today Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere posted about scallops too! She wore a scalloped J. Crew dress 🙂

Kelly Meyerhofer

I just went shopping at J.Crew this weekend and fell in LOVE with that scalloped dress. I also second the suggestion to show us how you put together your collages. I recently started my own blog and am trying to figure out the logistics. How do you make a second page? And the collages you create are so perfect! Happy Wednesday!


i have the same the mid-afternoon crisis every day. i usually just window shop but sometimes, i end up busting out my card. my goal for this year is to work on my "grown up" wardrobe. i never realized how many t-shirts i own. it's slightly embarrassing, especially since i don't even wear them! that scallop dress is on my wish-list. i wish i knew it came in petite though!

ps. just got my first jcrew popover in pink and i am obsessed. ordering a green one!