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I have always loved the idea of scarves and think they look super adorable on other people. (Especially little kids. Every toddler should wear a scarf. Every day.) But I always thought that I looked ridiculous wearing them. Something about it just made me feel extra self-conscious… like everyone was staring and thinking, “Oh, she didn’t tie it right” or “that doesn’t go with the rest of her outfit.” Ridiculous, but I couldn’t help it!
Except now…  it’s summertime and still chilly. And rainy. I’d personally like to just live in pajamas and stay in bed– something about rainy days that just does that to me. I also have no idea what to wear on a daily basis. Rain boots? Jeans? Sweaters? Definitely too cool for skirts this week. Definitely too bleak for summery dresses.
My solution? ALL THE SCARVES.

Flamingo Scarf (c/o) // T-Shirt // Jeans // Bag (c/o) // Monogram Necklace // iPhone Case

Apparently I have quite the collection without even intending on it and I made sure to put them to good use. I found that t-shirts were the easiest things to pair with the scarves because the scarves lay flat and the combination is just extra comfortable. (Plus, t-shirts come in different colors and can make a scarf really pop!)

Tertiary Color (Lilly Pulitzer Scarf + Artist Tee) // To really bring out the colors of a printed scarf, opt for one of the tertiary colors. The primary colors of this Lilly scarf are teal and pink. The tangerine shirt really makes the orange of the scarf stand out!
Monochromatic (Sailboat Scarf + Crewneck Tee) // This is one of my favorites. Sometimes too much can be too much, so keep things simple with a monochromatic look. I personally love the white and white (with a tiny blue motif like those sailboats!).
Mix Prints (Capri Scarf + Striped Shirt) // Make an impact with a bold pairing of prints. Striped shirts are the neutral of prints (in my opinion!) and looks great with a bright patterned scarf.
More of my favorite scarves below:

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What do you think of scarves? What’s your favorite way to wear one?

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I love wearing scarf but I always have the impression that it only looks good on other people. I have read plenty of posts on how to wear scarfs but I still feel uncomfortable. As I live in Hong Kong now where it is hot and humid all year long I literally can't wear any scarf but maybe once I move to another place I am ready for and comfortable with it.

Kati from black.white.vivid.

Sydney L.

I can completely relate to feeling self-conscious wearing scarves! The only time I wear them is when I'm traveling somewhere super chilly (like D.C. in January!).
It's so hot and humid in Louisiana, that I might never get to wear a scarf in the summer months. Maybe when I finally move to NYC, I'll break into the wonderful world of accessories.

Toodlebelle's Blog

Ashley Stockwell

I'm all about scarves – it's such an easy way to elevate an otherwise basic outfit.
I might actually wear them more in the summer than I do in the winter months. It's a great way to add some sun protection – crucial for pale-skinned ladies like myself!


I've always wanted to wear a light scarf, but because I live in Florida I'm afraid that even though it's lightweight it would either still be too warm or I would get weird looks. Maybe I'll have to try it out and see! Great post!

Kendal // Life With Kendal

Olivia Stieren

I'm slightly obsessed with scarves, and I went through this big phase a while back where I would purchase one every time I went shopping. I had to force myself to stop buying them after a while…it was bad. I wear them during every season! I have my scarf collection split up by season :). I agree that scarves work well with a tee, and I also like wearing them with some dresses as an alternative to a necklace. My favorite type of scarf is an infinity scarf because then you don't have to worry about how to style it – it comes only one way! 🙂