Scenes from the Bahamas

I hope you guys don’t hate me for doing this today, but I wanted to share some of the scenic photos from our trip to the Bahamas.

Despite growing up in Florida, this was my first trip the Bahamas. It’s definitely an easier journey from Florida, but still worth it despite a full day of traveling. My sister has been a bunch of times and she always comes back raving about how fun, laidback, and colorful the islands are.

When Vineyard Vines reached out to me about going down to help promote their sweepstakes with The Moorings, I knew I had to say yes. A trip to a warm location in the middle of March is the best way to look forward to spring!! I went down there with my friends Mackenzie and Kelly and photographer (and now, like, favorite person ever) Sean.

The Moorings Yacht

Not only was this my first trip to the Bahamas, it was my first experience with The Moorings, a chartered yacht service. It was a totally unique experience! We were island hopping in the Abacos and it was really nice to be able to bop between harbors and not have to unpack every night. Even though it was a boat, we each had our own cabin and bathroom. They were cozy, but perfect for changing into bathing suits and sleeping– we spent most of our time on the deck of the boat (so much photo editing!) and out exploring.

Hope Town Harbour


With everyone’s travel/life schedules, we did four nights bookended by two travel days. We packed SO much into the three days. It felt like we were there for two weeks, truly. I think that’s one of the best benefits of the boat– you can get “on the ground” so quickly while still being able to explore different islands. No need for water taxis or additional flights.

Hope Town Bahamas

First stop Tuesday morning was Hope Town on Elbow Cay. We had no idea what to expect as we pulled into the harbor and found a spot to dock the boat. The lighthouse (the last kerosene-fueled one in the world!) served as a lovely backdrop. A dolphin even made his presence known to us! Our first stop was breakfast (very necessary!) and at the recommendation of our skipper, we made our way to the Hope Town Harbour Lodge. Before we sat down to order though, we got a little distracted by the beach. WOW. It was picture perfect.

Hope Town Harbour Lodge

Hope Town

Bahamas Pink House

Finest sand and bluest water.

Turtle Swimming

The whole day was spent enjoying the beaches and exploring the town; the four of us were soaking in all the Vitamin D we could before heading back to Chicago, Greenwich, Hoboken, and upstate New York. After a quick afternoon dip (and nap), we took a short ride in a golf cart for dinner at Firefly. Sean took charge of ordering appetizers and we definitely experienced the “eyes bigger than our stomachs” at every meal.

Green Turtle Club

On Wednesday morning, we took the boat over to Green Turtle Cay. We followed signs for the Turtle Crawl cafe and had the best toast (seriously, so good), breakfast sandwiches, and iced coffees of the whole trip. We docked the boat at the Green Turtle Club and had a delicious dinner there (more conch fritters!) after a day at the beach.

Swimming Pigs in Bahamas

The bar was set pretty high during our first two days, but Thursday was, without a doubt, my favorite day. And I think the girls and Sean would all agree with me. We got rolling pretty early in the morning to go to No Name Cay to swim with the famous Bahamian pigs. They are absolutely adorable and pretty friendly– just don’t pick up the babies! Right before we anchored, Sean and I cut up apples to feed them. It was a huge hit. If visiting the pigs isn’t already on your bucket list, I highly recommend adding it ASAP. Going early was great too because we had the whole place to ourselves!

Then, despite being 9 am and a tiny bit nippy, Kelly, Mackenzie, and I took a plunge off the yacht. I could not stop laughing and we had so much fun swimming around. The water felt a lot warmer than the air so I wasn’t exactly rushing to get out!

Ian Murray

We threw on dresses and made our way over to Baker’s Bay where Ian Murray, Vineyard Vines co-founder, has a house. Baker’s Bay is a private, highly exclusive resort and let me just say, it was unreal. I kind of wish I didn’t know a place like that existed because it was perfect with not a single detail overlooked. New (highly lofty) life goal, ha. My favorite spot on our tour was a little cottage set up for the kids called “The Jelly Bean” where they can stock up on sweets and treats.

Baker's Bay

For lunch, we went to Nippers and explored the beach a bit more before returning to the boat to get some work done. We went to Grabbers for dinner (great fish tacos!) and ran into Justin Thomas– pretty exciting!

It was sadly time to pack so we could all be ready to go in the morning for our flights.

Don’t forget to enter to win a similar trip with Vineyard Vines and The Moorings! I can’t thank them enough for such an unforgettable and unique trip!

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Carol McDaniel

I am on the way to the Bahama’s in April. But I am not taking this particular trip. Dreaming that I was though. If I could win this one then I could compare the two. As much as I am looking forward to the one I am going on, “Gingham Style” sure sounds more fun right now than “”The McDaniel’s – Living It, One Minute At A Time”

Sophia Kivari

Amazing photos !!! I enjoyed reading the article, I was about to skip it and just view the pictures. Your take on the Bahama island brought back feelings from my past as a child growing up in Nassau, a time when life was simple and carefree. I felt as if I was there # nostalgia!

Nioka creebsburg

Wow that is very beautiful and nice I love it I will be visiting soon

Gail Jackson

Bahamas is just so…beautiful.Visited on 2 occcations and wishing to return again but no money🙁
Happy you had so much fun.

Debbie Lightbourne

Glad you were able to enjoy your visit to the islands. It’s always better when you can hop from island to island. Hope Town is my mother’s hometown. She grew up there with her mom until she was 12 yrs old. She often told stories of having the privilege to visit her cousin in that lighthouse and playing on the docks when she was a little girl. I love that place!

Debbie Lightbourne

Glad you were able to enjoy your visit to the islands. It’s always better when you can hop from island to island. Your shot of the lighthouse drew me in and brought back so many fond memories. Hope Town is my mother’s hometown. She grew up there in the late 30’s with her mom until she was 12 yrs old. She often told stories of having the privilege to visit her cousin in that lighthouse and playing on the docks when she was a little girl. I love that place!


Entered! Wish me luck! I’m already picking out my Vineyard Vines wardrobe for my trip.


Thank you so much for highlighting The Bahamas; my home. Its always a blessing to be reminded of just how special growing up Bahamian is. I got to enjoy every single day in a place where others long to visit or have to leave after a visit. Glad you all had a blast..we (Bahamians) say, “Its better in the Bahamas and it truly is. 🙂

Stefanie Rosales

I love these photos Carly! Looks like so much fun! Were these all taken by your phone?!

Stefanie Rosales

Thank you for responding Carly! You’re the best! ❤️


Why would we hate you for posting this?!? I love it! This is beautiful content! Please post MORE stuff like this! And more pics of the adorable pigs!


Just got back Monday last . Still a lot of damage, many bars ,restaurants , and retailers, still closed .


When is the BEST time of year to go to The Bahamas and where would you suggest staying or even just the simplest of things you MUST do there….besides ENJOY?

Jean Shelby

I’m cruising to Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas on April 8th and I hope that they are beautiful and that we really enjoy our trip


Thanks for giving the Bahamas such a great praises and a excellent review. I am from the Bahamas and its nice to see that other fokes enjoys the Bahamas like we do
Thank you

Valerie Thompson

This sounds absolutely amazing, and the pictures are beautiful. I had recently just heard about pig bay in the Bahamas. It is somewhere I want to go but wasn’t sure how to go about getting there. It was great to come across this on the internet. I will definitely research this now.

Crystan Randall

Looking forward to following in your footsteps. Nassau is sooooo beautiful. Each time I visit, it’s as though it is my first time. I be been traveling there since the 1980’s. Johnny cake and Crack Conch is the cuisine of choice. Bahama Momma also…..Bon Appetite 💂SevenPassportsTravel

Christine walker

I can’t wait to go to the Bahamas I loved stopping in the Bahamas online Royal Caribbean cruise on October 29th 2017 so me and my husband would love to go back to the Bahamas I can’t wait it was so beautiful but this time I don’t want to do a cruise I want to enjoy myself


You went to some gorgeous places in the Bahamas! I’ve only been there once and we were on a cruise which docked in Nassau. It’s a bit run down so we spent most of our time on the ship!

It looks like you enjoyed seeing the pigs on the beach! I’ve heard it’s an amazing experience.


I went on a Moorings boat through the Abacos this January and can vouch, it was phenomenal. The Abacos islands are so beautiful! Your photos were a lovely little flashback (: