Scuba Diving in Bonaire

If you’re following along on Instagram and Snapchat, you may have noticed that I’m currently in Bonaire for a scuba diving trip. Garrett convinced me to sign up for a class to learn how to dive this summer. (If you’re in the New York City area, I highly recommend Ocean Blue Divers– it was an amazing course.)
I’ve been a little apprehensive about this trip as we’re diving a lot and I feel like such a beginner. We had the option to finish our open water certification in a lake in Pennsylvania, but this trip seemed like such a better option considering once we finish our certification (the first few dives there) we’re good to go. Wish me luck…

This trip comes at a little bit of a stressful time considering the move we just did and back-to-school season, but at the same time maybe it’s the perfect time to take a little vacation. I’m excited to soak up the last bit of summer (and celebrate my 26th birthday!) down there. 
Here’s a few of the things I packed:

Anyone else a scuba diver?!

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Michelle Theodorou

Scuba certified right here! Thank goodness you didn't do your checkout dive in PA… I did, and it was AWFUL. Such cold water!! Enjoy your warm, tropical water instead.


I am! I'm so jealous that Bonaire is your first trip…I haven't even gotten there yet! My favorite dives are definitely Cozumel (super easy!) and Grand Cayman. I've got the other two ABC islands — Aruba and Curaçao — on my bucket list!


Shirley L

I can barely swim but maybe I will have to sign up for swimming AND diving lessons when I move to NY. I'd do it here in CA but don't have time right now. You're such an inspiration.


I just got scuba certified this past August and I was TERRIFIED. But I ended up having the time of my life! All my instructors were talking about how Bonaire was one of their favorite places in the world to dive!