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Have Your Career Questions Answered

Jaime from The Prepary and I have been brainstorming what her next guest post on TCP should be about and we figured that it would actually best to ask you. We want to know what questions you have… and Jaime will do her best to answer the questions for a Q&A post. (And they could…


Prepary “Launch Your Job Search Kit” Giveaway

This giveaway couldn’t be more perfectly timed. In fact, Jaime and I planned it just that way. If you’re getting ready to graduate and still not sure what your next step is or maybe you have a job but want to pivot and redefine your career this is the giveaway for you! Jaime is pretty incredible….


Giveaway :: The Prepary

Working at Levo League has a million and a half perks. The best one? So many amazing people visit the office. Every week, we’re meeting the coolest people in just about every industry. Back in November, Jaime Petkanics hosted an Office Hours out of our offices. We had emailed a ton while I managed the…


Frequently Asked Resume Questions… Answered!

Jaime from The Prepary has written another amazing post tackling a HUGE topic… resumes. With the new year here and February coming right up, I know there are some readers out there thinking of starting the search for a new job or starting the application process for an internship. (I do think it’s always valuable…


Inbox Zero

I take email very seriously. It’s definitely the most influential form of communication right now and I think it’s something that should be managed in a professional way. But it’s overwhelming. Unlike phones (calls, text messages, etc.), everyone can get in contact with you. Getting an email address is super easy if you know particular cadences…


Tips for Writing Cover Letters

Jaime and I were blown away by the career questions everyone had. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted one. Jaime is here today kicking off the first of the readers’ questions posts: Tips for Writing Cover Letters by Jaime from The Prepary Thank you all for the amazing questions and career post ideas! We…


The 3 Things That Matter the Most In An Interview

I’ve been getting so many questions via email and Tumblr about job, college, and internship interviews. To be completely honest… they’re not my forte. At all! The handful of interviews I’ve done for jobs have always been sources of stress for me. And, I’m rusty. So… I turned to my friend Jaime who always has…


How I Organize Everything

So much of what I do on a daily basis happens online. Because of this, I’ve perfected a bunch of systems to keep me incredibly organized. As a self-employed person, I find it so so so important to be as organized as possible. There is often no one else to pick up the slack or…