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Jaime from The Prepary and I have been brainstorming what her next guest post on TCP should be about and we figured that it would actually best to ask you. We want to know what questions you have… and Jaime will do her best to answer the questions for a Q&A post. (And they could even turn into longer blog posts for her website, too.)
I’ve been having lots of conversations with friends recently about work issues and questions. Everything from “Should I start looking for a new job?”, “What should and shouldn’t I include on a resume?”, “No one is calling me back about jobs, what should I do?”, “I’m managing a team of older employees, how do I gain their respect?”, “Can I be successful and liked at work?”, “What internships were the most helpful for landing a job?”.
LOTS of questions!
Leave a comment on this blog post with what you want answered. Feel free to remain anonymous, but leave enough context so Jaime can give you the best possible advice. This is open for everyone! Jaime has experience working in HR in finance and fashion industry and her advice is always spot on.  Whether you’re in high school looking for seasonal jobs or internships for the summer, in college stressing about interviews for first jobs, in your first year navigating office politics, or curious about how to make an industry shift midway through your career…. Jaime can help!
Leave your question below in a comment!

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Ahh this is perfect! So many questions just popped into my head:
1. How to ask for a letter of recommendation?
2. I am in college now and when is the best time to start looking for a summer job?
3. How "catered" should resumes be for different jobs?
4. Resumes now are starting to become a little more out of the box… do you think that is too out there and traditional is still better or can that be a good thing?
5. I have no idea what I want to do and am very stuck when it comes to finding internships/jobs because I'm not quite sure where to look. All sounds good but then at the same time nothing sounds quite right. Do you have any ideas about good places to look or something like that! haha

Annie Belle

Katherine Du

I'm currently a junior in college and I'm looking for an internship as a UX designer, but all of my past internships have been analyst positions, so I'm having difficulty securing interviews now. How can I differentiate myself from other candidates who have had UX design experience? Thanks!

Marit Koestring

What a great idea!

1.) What types of internships should I be looking for if I want to enter the fashion industry?
2.) Do I have a greater chance of landing a fashion-related internship/job if I attend a fashion-specific college?
3.) How many internships should you have under your belt before you try to turn your internship into a job?

Thanks so much!!


What's the best way to reach out to people that can help you get the job you want and any advice on networking?


Also, everything we need to know about interviews please. From how to dress, to how to prepare for an interview, how to practice interviewing skills, how to highlight strength, how to stir the conversation in the way you want it to go, what's the best format for thank you notes and how to convince someone you are right for the job even if your credentials may not be strong enough?

Kelly H

I study Health Sciences. and I am at the end of my first year. Its been a bit of a whirlwind to the say the least but I'm grateful for the experience. However it now comes the time to either put in courses for next year, or change to something completely different. What's your opinion on changing courses? Is it worth it? I feel like I don't have a 'passion' per se, except for writing, which I don't want to go to university for. I also am in my Summer break as of next week, which begs the question of whether I should get any old Summer job- or should I be trying to weave my way through university jobs/research to get more noticed.


I also have a blog link below 🙂 please check it out I would really appreciate it 🙂


So a lot of job opportunities state that the future-employee should be a "team player" and "motivated" and "dedicated" etc. . But I feel like saying this in my application is so mainstream. I apply for marketing jobs and I feel like I should use the space on the paper I have for more important things than phrases every HR person has read so many times before. Or is it really important to state things like that, even though every one does?

And second, like I said I apply for marketing jobs (including social media) and in two applications that asked for bIogging experience I mentioned my blog. It has about 300 subscribers. I have it for 4,5 years now and I consider picture and post quality as good. So do you think it's ok to mention it or is it a no-go, because it does not have that many subscribers?


I am at a crossroads and deciding whether to continue my law degree or drop the law degree to focus on my bachelor of arts majoring in classical studies and history, which is my true passion. Do you think I am better to stick it out with a degree that is considered more 'desirable' or 'useful' even if I am really struggling to find the motivation? I've studied law for two years conjoint with Classical Studies and I am trying to figure out if it is worth the time and money when it isn't something I enjoy. How important is it that what you study interests you, even if there is not a clear job path from it?

Gillian R.

So I'm a high school senior and figure skater, and am hoping to continue pursuing skating in a couple of ways after high school. My plan is to take gap years before college, and have skating become a career. I want to finish passing my moves in the field and freeskate USFSA tests, get my PSA so I can coach, and skate in ice shows, like Disney on Ice or NY Theater on Ice.

My trouble is I've been having a lot of self-doubt lately…I'm worried that I'm not 'good enough' to turn skating, my real passion and what I really want, into a career. A part of me thinks it's just normal growing pains, and I should just hustle forward, but a part of me is terrified that I'm right. What if I don't make it? What if three years from now, I'm in the exact same place?

So I guess my question would be, how do you calm those negative voices? Or do you calm them? I know everyone says 'hard work beats talent', so is that really true, or just something we give out as a mantra?

I know this was all over the place…thanks!


I would like to relocate to a new city, where I have lived before and have a place to live, but I find that none of my applications or resumes are getting a response. Is this likely because all of my information is clearly from a place two hours away? Also, I work in a fairly "transient" industry, nonprofit fundraising, and I've been in two different positions at two different organizations in the past 3 years, how do I make it clear that I am not job hopping, but making the necessary changes in life?

Morgan Mullen

As a senior in college there are two big questions I have had as I prepare to enter the real world. 1) What about grad school? The field I am entering does not require an advanced degree, but as it grows more competitive it might be helpful to have one. Thoughts on plowing through and obtaining a masters versus gaining real work experience? 2) When is it appropriate to begin applying for jobs? How far before graduation is it acceptable to begin sending out resumes and cover letters?

Kaitlin Olivero

I second these questions as well!!! I am in the same boat with grad school. Also, expanding on this #2 question, when is it appropriate to begin applying for jobs in a new city… for example, I have lived in worked in Chicago for many years, but have been in Ohio for two years. I am going back to Chicago in July, so I am wondering when I should start applying and getting my resume out there… I was thinking May, but not sure. How do I go about reaching out to former contacts, and how soon to do that. 🙂

Alyssa J Freitas

I struggle trying to determine when to call after I interview. The timeline for each internship varies so much and I do not want to be an annoyance but I also want to know where my application stands! What guidelines should I follow?

Alyssa J Freitas

Ashly Huff

Great idea!

Two questions–
1. How do I gain respect as a young professional in the workplace?
2. I'm also struggling managing my employees at time. They are used to their "old supervisor" and "the old way," which is very different from my supervision and management style. How do I balance my own style, my employee's needs and their past experiences? How do I help them accept and be receptive to change?


1. What are some strategies on working/trying to live while working an unpaid internship?
2. How do you network outside of the city you want to be in? I didn't go to college in the city I wanted to work in, nor do I live there now, but I still want to network there to help my job search. How do I go about that?

Brittany Rosensky

How can I build my blog so I can be earning a good income?
How can I better myself for a career in HR?

I am a Senior Business Administration major with a concentration in HR. I will be getting married in the summer. My fiance lives in a really small town, so my career choices are extremely limited. I am looking into different things I can do from home, which I would preferable do, but I would like an HR position. Any advice would be fantastic! Thank you!

Bridget DeLuca

This post came at the perfect time! I am a marketing major and I am very interested in working in the fashion industry after college. What are the best internships that I should be pursuing in order to start working towards achieving this goal?

Ashleigh Westmoreland

I recently went from working full-time to working part-time so I could write more (I have a degree in Journalism) and build up my blog to make it more of a full-time thing. I don't really even know where to start.. I read all kinds of stuff about planning posts in advance and having goals for my blog… I have never thought of myself as a business woman…where do I begin?

Lexi Walz

This is a great idea! I received my BBA in Marketing about a year and a half ago and have struggled so much trying to find a job where I have the ability to grow professionally. I was never informed about the importance of internships however I worked at a small-medium sized business doing accounting and marketing for 3.5 years during college. I've applied to so many positions, ones I'm qualified for, not quite qualified for and over qualified for. How do you get into a medium or large company where you are able grow professionally within the company?


Perfect timing! I'm currently working in product marketing for a med device company and am wondering about switching industries. I heard 5 years is a cut off and after that you kinda labeled yourself. My 4th year is coming up next year and I think I'm ready to move on. Is it hard to switch industries? Where do you start? Will I have to take a big step back, responsibility and paycheck wise?


I guess my biggest question is… how do you know when it's time to move on? I've been working in finance for the last three years – I make great money and benefits – but I feel like I've stopped learning. It's pretty clear that no other positions are going to open up for me at this company where I would have the opportunity to learn a new skill set. How do I decide whether to stay and build up my savings even more or look for a new position?


How do I include clients and campaigns I have handled on my resume? (Public relations resume)
Do I need a cover letter?
What should I include in my cover letter?
How do I acknowledge that I love out of state but could relocate very quickly?

Katie M. Lindequist

This is so great!!
I just graduated in May and I'm STILL having trouble landing my first full time job. I'm getting the interviews, I'm just not offered the positions. I graduated with a BSBA in marketing and would love to get into the fashion industry which I know is very competitive….anyway my questions are:
1. Connecting with recruiters/people at companies you are interested in working for on LinkedIn: can you connect with these people and how do you go about messaging them?
2. Any advice on how to make a cover letter more exciting/matches the culture of a company you're applying to?

Thanks so much!!


I have a job lined up after graduation in a field that is different than what I am studying, this makes me nervous because I'm scared about when it comes to looking for a second job because my experience and education will not match up. Could you offer some advise for people jumping between different industries and ways to market yourself as valuable for multiple industries?

Kate H

As a Sophomore at a university in Mississippi, I want to know how to look for a summer internship/job that could hopefully help land me a job in the future that is somewhere up North (i.e.. Chicago, New York, Boston). I have no clue where to start looking or how to go about applying for student internships in a city I've only ever visited briefly. I feel like I don't currently have enough experience to work at a major business corporation, but want to try it out anyways.


In order to get an internship most companies or organizations want you to have experience. I'm a junior in college who is working a part time job in retail. My major is enterprise journalism with a certificate in arts administration. How am I supposed to land an internship when I have no real experience in my field (nor do I have time to do anything but school and work)? How do I make myself stand out to let them know I am capable and dedicated to complete an internship?

Zoe Grace

What a great idea! I am a junior in high school, looking for my first ever real job. When employers are hiring under eighteen, what sort of skills or first impression are they looking for? How can I make myself competitive, when I'm going up against adults with high school or college degrees?

Thank you,
Zoe Grace


Should we follow a path leading to our dreams, or to comfort? I know your slogan is "Live your dreams" but if our dreams aren't practical or have a very slim chance of being achieved should we continue to chase them, even if we have an easier, more obtainable option? Basically, is it better to choose happiness or comfort?

Ann Louise Wilcox

I'm currently trying to switch industries AND find a job in a different city than the one I currently live in. I feel like I've applied to countless jobs to no avail; I haven't received any requests for interviews yet. I'm starting to get discouraged, especially since most job applications consist of filling out automated forms on the company's website, rather than emailing an HR person directly. It feels like my resume is just getting lost in the shuffle. Any suggestions?

Sarah Murray

As a recent law graduate and NC Bar exam passer, I'm finding extremely tough to find a job in NC as an attorney who recently graduated. Any tips on how to get the ever-elusive 1-2 years of experience employers all seem to want?

Emily Fuller

How perfect! I was in academic advising last week, so my career is on my brain.
1. How to go about creating relationships with professors for eventual letters of recommendation?
2. Good leadership positions to strive for in extracurriculars?
3. When to start looking for internships?


I'm currently a senior in high school and as I'm entering the college/professional world what should my resume look like? Can it have colors, a photo, and something other than times new roman?


I would love advice on resume design and content. I'm a visual communications major and most of the graduates use portfolios of photography but I'm more interested in the design aspect of the major. Also, where is the best place to look for internships? I know a lot has to do with connections, but I have none in New York!


I currently work in a small law firm, think family business setting. Although I love what I do, I know that the firm is not the end of the line for me career wise. I would love any tips/advice about giving a letter of resignation at a small company where you genuinely care for the business, but it is not the right place for you for the long haul. Thank you!

Obiter Darling

I am in my final year of law school and am facing the difficult decision of going to a large, Top Tier law firm or a medium sized firm where I would get to do more (and the people are much nicer). I don't want to fall into the trap of basing my decision on notions of "prestige" but at the same time I feel like if I don't go to a Top Tier firm people will think sit was because I wasn't good enough to get in… How do you make the career decisions that are best for YOU and push aside the need to please/impress everyone else?