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Yesterday, Jess and I had the best little morning. We met up at the Nespresso flagship boutique and cafe on the Upper East Side. The cafe is dangerously close to my apartment and way more than a typical coffee shop. I had already been there to pick up more capsules for my VertuoLine machine (which I am obsessed with), but hadn’t been to the cafe section. We had a perfect breakfast of toast and jam for Jess and a fruit parfait for me with lattes on the side. I think this might just be my new favorite meeting spot.
The back of the store is where you can taste the different coffees and espressos and watch the machines in action. Or pick up more capsules. (One note: when I first went I ended up with four sleeves… aka 40 capsules. When I went to checkout, I was fully convinced that I would be spending a fortune on the coffee… but the 40 cups ended up being under $40. Less than a dollar per capsule! Woo woo!)
Wearing: Faux Fur Vest // Plaid Shirt (similar) // Jeans // Boots // Monogrammed Handbag (c/o) // Watch
After breakfast, we hopped in a car and went to Sur La Table for lots of holiday shopping. We got to pick out a bunch of festive finds. For me, the holidays and baking go hand in hand. I picked up a bunch of new baking supplies to make all kinds of family favorite goodies like mixing bowls, baking sheets, and lots of mixes for pancakes/waffles/doughnuts.
Shop more Sur La Table festive finds below:

Have you tried the Nespresso VertuoLine yet?!

Thank you Nespresso for sponsoring this post!

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You should do a post about how you manage to organize your kitchen cupboards. Since you have mentioned how tiny your kitchen is. It would be interesting to see how you manage all the cooking and baking essentials with little space.

Taylor Kay

I love Nespresso coffee – I'd love to check out the café next time I'm in New York! That breakfast looks amazing, and I love all of the yummy seasonal things you picked up at Sur le Table! I'm already in the holiday cooking mood, and this post just made me more so!


Jane Reggievia

Goshhhh that place absolutely heaven!! I couldn't imagine myself having breakfast in that cafe. We have something similiar here called Dolce Gusto, I'm not sure it is a same thing or not, but I want it so badddd. Glad to know you such had a great time, waiting for your baking recipes!