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Sometimes the thought of putting on a bathing suit can make me feel sick to my stomach. I’d say, at 27, I’m more confident about my body than I ever have been before. But even still, bathing suits can sometimes make all those old insecurities bubble back up to the surface.

Finding bathing suits that I feel good in is paramount. I’m just so relieved to see that one-pieces have made a comeback. They’re so cute and provide a little more coverage. (Except for the ones that, well, don’t… More power to you if you can rock those; I, however, cannot.)

I cannot say enough great things about this plunge v-neck bathing suit. When you find a good one, I feel like everyone should know about it. It’s amazing, and I would say that it would be flattering on many different body types. I bought my usual size in one-pieces from J. Crew (size 2) and found the straps and length to be perfect on me. (I have a larger bust and longer torso which makes finding one-pieces extra challenging! With two pieces at least you can get different sizes for the tops and bottoms!) It looks like it’s on back order right now, but honestly, it’s so good I would recommend ordering to tuck away for next summer. (Or winter getaways!)

Carly Heitlinger

As if simply wearing a bathing suit wasn’t a struggle enough, the fact that I’m ridiculously pale and burn with two minutes of sun exposure is an additional problem. I’m always on the hunt for good cover-ups. I’m also not opposed to wearing rash guards and fishing shirts or hiding under towels, but sometimes I just want to look cute. Enter: the men’s oxford cloth button down. Definitely “borrow” one from your dad, brother, or boyfriend if you can. They’re perfect for the beach with long sleeves and enough length to cover your butt.

Oxford Cloth Button Down Coverup

When I posted the bathing suit on Instagram, I had some questions about my hair. This, my friends, is what three days of dry shampoo plus 95% humidity looks like! I came to Nantucket with straight hair, curled it at some point, and then all hell broke loose. Between the fog and humidity, I was afraid to wash my hair!

(I was since sent a bottle of this oil which is a life changing product for frizzy hair. Wish I had it during my trip!)

Packable Hat

J. Crew Swimsuit Jetties Beach Nantucket Jetties Beach LL Bean Boat Tote Nantucket Beach Nantucket    Plunge V-neck one-piece swimsuit

Oxford Cloth Button Down

Photos by Carter Fish

V-Neck Plunge Neck Bathing Suit // Oxford Cloth Button Down // Packable Hat // Personalized Tote // Lip Color: Rose Brown


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Alex C.

Always glad to find someone who can commiserate with the challenges of buying clothes for a long-torso! I love how this suit is just a little bit sassy without having to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions while enjoying the beach– I’m going to keep this one in mind as I shop around for one-pieces.
Alex //

Amanda G

These by far are my favorite pictures of you! You look so beautiful! The lip color and the bathing suit go perfect with your eyes! You look so happy.



As someone who also has very fair skin and dark hair, your style posts give me so much inspiration! I used to be pretty insecure about how pale my legs are but following your posts has helped me to embrace my skin 🙂


Bought this suit as soon as you posted a photo of it on Instagram, it just came in and I love it!!! A someone with a similar body type and similar concerns, I found it to be super flattering and felt really comfortable rocking it in public!

Thank you for all of the fashion inspo!

Jordyn Sifferman

There is definitely no reason for you to feel insecure in a bathing suit, you are looking SO good girl! That being said I know everyone faces their own insecurities no matter how cute/pretty/smart they are. Love your Nantucket hair and adorable beach look, makes me want to order a one piece!


You, your bathing suit, and your hair all look so gorgeous! You totally don’t need to feel insecure AT ALL about being in a bathing suit! I would sign up for a class to help me achieve your beach body!! lol!!


Carly can you share your tips on having long hair worn down outside? Mine always seems to end up like a rats nest. Do you brush it constantly or is there some magic product I’ve been missing out on?


While I love the look of the men’s oxford cloth button down, I just have to say if I borrowed my husband’s $90.00 Ralph Lauren shirt to wear to the beach, he wouldn’t be very pleased. There would be sunscreen, sand and saltwater all over it.


Is the suit see through at all? Lined suits always make me nervous, especially when I get cold! 😉


You look wonderful in these pictures. Happy. Carefree. And enjoying life.

Also, and this might sound weird, but I can see a noticeable different in your body from your new workout routine. You’ve always been slender, but now you’re toned and fit. Keep up the good work!


Gorgeous photos.
How does the suit fit without padding/lining? I struggle with JCrew’s unpadded swimsuits, but your glowing review makes me want to give this one a shot. It’s a person question – but do feel it gives enough support?


Hi Carly! I’m looking to steal this look for the beach! What size did you get in this oxford?