September Favorites

September is my favorite month of the year and I’m sad to have to say goodbye to it. This month was fun for travel, birthdays, and quite a bit of fashion. I’m rounding up my favorites for the month. Definitely leave a comment with some of your favorite things, I’d love to check them out!
Instax Mini // This came in a package from Teen Vogue and I felt like a kid on Christmas morning unwrapping a new present. I’ve been totally wanting one for unknown reasons and it is too much fun. Garrett and I have been snapping the most ridiculous photos. It’s a refreshing change from the iPhone. The pictures aren’t perfect, and that’s what makes them so special. (Plus, there’s nothing better than holding a picture a minute after it’s taken.) You can find them a bunch of places, but Amazon has great prices! I bought extra packs of film from Amazon too because the cartridges aren’t cheap.
Julep Quick Dry Drops // This stuff is an old favorite, but I’ve been using the drops almost every day. I keep painting and repainting my nails. If you haven’t tried the Julep Quick Dry Drops yet, you have to. Warning: you won’t ever paint your nails without it. Once you do two or three coats of your regular polish, wait two minutes, then use two drops on each nail. Wait another minute or two and your nails are dry!!! DRY. No more sheet marks, no more blowing, no more smudges as you’re running out the door.
Puffer Vest // Another old favorite of mine, but still just has great this year. You can have one puffer vest and incorporate it into just about every look wear for a month. Layer over dresses, sweatshirts, sweaters, or button downs. A good puffer vest will complete just about every casual outfit. (One of my favorite looks this month with the vest.)
Sole Society Bow Flats // I’ve ordered these earlier this month and they finally arrived (after a weird UPS train derailment delay!). I have an outfit post coming up wearing these shoes. I have to say they’re everything I love in footwear: comfortable, bows, and a loafer. After only two wears, they felt like well-loved shoes that had been in my closet for years. The cutest blue suede shoes there ever was.

Cleansing Sponge // This was something that came in a big NYFW survival kit from Pinch Me. When I first saw this sponge, I was horrified. It felt and looked like a pumice stone. I couldn’t imagine using it on my FACE. The packaging promised that it would soften with water…. Oh, this is a miracle sponge. The perfect way to exfoliate and cleanse without any irritation. I’ve been alternating with the sponge and my Clarisonic, but the sponge is just too easy. It contours perfectly to both your hand and the curves of your face. 

Drybar’s The 3-Day Bender 1″ Curling Iron // I swear by this curling iron. It’s a challenge to get used to it, but once you get the hang of it it’s a total game changer. I use the iron about three times a week and love that I can do tight curls or lose curls or waves. I’ve been fielding questions over email and Instagram about how I’ve been doing my hair differently… and I owe it all the curling iron!
Sea Salt Popcorn // I’m addicted to this popcorn. Downright addicted. I love a good bowl of popcorn in the afternoon while I work or at night when I’m reading. (Or both if I’m being honest.) I typically love popcorn popped on the stove, but this microwavable version with sea salt is delicious. YUM.
What have been your September favorites?

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Some of my favorites this month have been my leopard loafers, my Kate Spade 2015 agenda, and my new spirit jersey! Definitely some staples this first month of college.

Annie Belle

kayla paxton

I picked up a reasonably priced quilted puffer vest from Old Navy, and I've already lost count of how many times I've work it! Tempted to get it in a few other colours because I know I'll be wearing it for the rest of the season too!


I also have my eye on those bow loafers! I have never ordered from Sole Society before and am a little hesitant. How is the sizing?

Audrey Lin

I have the Instax Mini 90, which has a fun double exposure feature amongst others! Loving the quilted puffer vest. My favorite flavor of popcorn is kettle 🙂 The snack I'm currently obsessed with is kettle flavored Popchips–it's just like popcorn!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


I have a similar looking sponge at home, but I've been too afraid to use it! I think I need to give it a go. My go-to snack lately has been Clif bars (I didn't realize they tasted so much like candy 😉 ) and I can't get enough of my Gap 1969 skinny jeans!

26 and Not Counting


Cutest post ever. First this post made me smile & then I thought, it's like she's in my head. That's the cutest camera ever. I saw it in the Jcrew catalog this past spring but never purchased it. The quilted vest, thanks for the reminder as I need to pull mine out as well as my fleece vests. Sea Salt popcorn? I didn't even know they were making that (in microwave). I eat a bag of popcorn every other night, (yes, oink oink). I'm going to see if Fresh Direct has this. Lastly, those loafers are so cute. I had to click the link. I can't believe what a ridiculously low price point they are. I wear Stubbs & Wootton loafers and just the tax/shipping alone is more than that. These would be a cute to keep under my desk. Thanks for all the items. Great post!


I love that puffer vest and I've been sporting mine a lot recently! I've been wanting that polaroid camera for a while now, but I decided not to get it just because film is so expensive. The pictures are so cute though!

Xo, Katelyn //


After reading your blog post I thought the Julep drops sounded interesting. Anything to take time off of a home manicure. So as a Maven I decided to give them a chance and order. I just used them for the first time tonight. Wow! I don't know how I lived without these! It literally took 5 minutes to paint my nails and they're fully functional. Thank you!!