Serena and Lily in Westport

Serena and Lily just opened a store (really a house) in Westport, Connecticut. Serena and Lily, in my opinion, is the dream. I can’t wait for the day when I have a house with guest rooms and a bunk room for kids. A kitchen to outfit with wicker stools and a yard with a porch perfect for beachy chairs. I will fill that house with pillows and throw blankets.
We’re not looking for a house right now… but we’re also not not looking for a house. I’m not really even that picky about houses right now, just looking for a starter home. But I would like a house that isn’t a million dollars with functioning roof and flood insurance that isn’t as much as the property taxes. (It’s proving harder than it seems, ha!)
Touring the Serena and Lily store scratched the “nesting” itch and also kind ignited the desire a bit more. It’s too good. It felt like there had been a lot of hype around this particular location and I actually think the hype wasn’t enough! It’s an amazing, amazing store. Three floors of design perfection and no nook was left untouched here.
(We didn’t even see the whole thing! I can’t wait to go back and explore more.)
Some quick peeks into the location:
The kitchen was my favorite!
Because it’s located inside a historic house, it really does feel like a home. So much so, in fact, that I didn’t even walk ten feet inside without declaring that I was ready to move in. 
I am totally in love with the idea of lining a staircase with similar artwork. All the paintings together created an entirely new piece of art!
The pillows though. They’re amazing!
(Unrelated semi-related… Gar and I are having a debate. Can you, or can’t you, put a bed against a window??? ?)
If you’re in the Westport area you should absolutely swing by the flagship; they also have ones in SF, LA, and the Hamptons.) If not, you can get your Serena and Lily fix online. I also pore over the catalog every time a new one comes in the mail! 

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Laura Cronin

LOVE that lemon wallpaper, what a dream! My boyfriend and I are the same way with homes, I would love to own my own place, but also what I want is sooo expensive (especially since I love living in the center of the city and don't see myself wanting to move out of it anytime soon!)

Laura | Laura Aime Vous


Those kitchen chairs are too good. I wish I lived closer to one of these cities so I could get a taste of it in person! As for the debate…I'm going to say it's not for me, but then again, I'm no interior designer 😉 (playing both sides here)

26 and Not Counting

Ellie Lucash

So so so cute!! I am forever drooling over Serena and Lily's catalogs, especially the emerald green silk curtains!!!

And yes, you can put a bed in front of a window if that's the best spot, but generally you try to avoid it if space permits. 🙂

Hanging with the Hirsts

What an adorable "home" shop!! I'm no interior decorator but here's my opinion 😉

I'd avoid putting a bed in front of a window because it could minimize the amount of natural light that comes in, it makes the room look smaller and if there's a bad lightning storm, you do not want to be sleeping right next to the window – but that's coming from living in FL with the awful summer storms 😉

Gretchen Donovan

Love love love shopping in Westport! This is just another reason to get down there – can't wait to check it out! Thanks for sharing Carly.

Also, I have always been against the bed against the window look, however I don't hate it in the above picture! I feel like as long as you have enough natural light it can be doable.


Aleda Libay

I am not die hard on this but we at least try to follow feng shui. It is considered bad feng shui to have a bed against a window it has something to do with energy and rejuvination.

Elizabeth Zimmerman

I don't think there's necessarily a rule about where you put your bed–it's personal preference really. That said, I think it looks better if you put your bed next to the window instead of against it.