Did you know that September is Sewing Month?! You may recall that last year, I got really into sewing. Honestly it was my saving grace during a very stressful year. I found sewing to be a perfect creative outlet that pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I loved that I learned a new skill and had fun challenging myself with increasingly difficult projects. I found it to be very meditative even, and there was something so satisfying about having a physical product to hold.

This year, I sadly didn’t have a lot of extra time for sewing projects. Every week that I didn’t pull out the sewing machine made the next one even harder. I would walk past the machine sitting on the shelf and feel a little sad and a little disappointed that I had let yet another week go by where I hadn’t sewn. I started to grow intimidated again.

When Walmart reached out about doing a sponsored post in celebration of Sewing Month, I said yes!!! I thought it was the perfect excuse for me to dust off my machine and get back in the game. I’m here to confirm after completing this project that I love sewing just as much as I remembered. (Maybe even more now that my free time is that much more precious…. It’s genuinely something I want to commit to finding time for.)

Sewing is a hobby where you can kind of get carried away with supplies. Honestly, it’s half the fun! For example, I have a huge stash of fabric stored away just waiting for the perfect project. Walmart has absolutely everything you need to get started if you’re just dipping your toes into the water or if you’re a seasoned sewer looking for a new tool, machine, or (!!!) more fabric.

Walmart carries all of the sewing machines you could possibly need to get your new hobby off the ground. Depending on what you’re looking to do, Walmart can help point you in the right direction of machines to consider. For Sewing Month, Walmart is offering sewing deals on select products.

I have the Brother SE600, which I love for both sewing and small at-home embroidery projects. (You can even get it in a Marvel or Star Wars theme– could make a fun gift for someone!)

I’ve personally had my eye on a serger. If I do find myself sewing more, especially clothing pieces, I think I will make the splurge!

I decided to get back into the sewing game by sewing Kate Eva Designs’ Pisa bow bag. Below are the products I purchased from Walmart to complete it.

I wanted to do something in hunter green because I’m having a serious love affair with the color. I found this solid green and a green gingham for the lining and bow of the bag.

I also have to share my absolute favorite sewing tool. It’s not totally necessary, as you can absolutely get away with using whatever iron you currently own. However, once you try a crafting iron, which is small enough to really do some detailed ironing, you won’t be able to go back.

Voilà!! An easy, fun project to do on a weekend afternoon during naptime!

I love hearing about your own sewing adventures! Definitely let me know what projects you’re working on or if you are interested in getting started what you’re most excited to make!

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post!


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My mother had a seeing business so I grew up sewing. I do pillows and other stuff for my house mostly. My favorite projects are baby blankets for friends when they have babies and turning my scraps into cat toys for the local SPCA. Currently redoing our bedroom but my machine is getting serviced so on hold for now


I really like the green fabric! It’s very cute.
I have my sewing machine since last year, partly influenced by you and I’m glad I’m getting more and more confident with it. My last project was finishing a needlepoint pillow but I think I’m going to make a blouse for me next. I really enjoy having a new creative skill!


Did you sew before last year? Also, did you take a class to learn how to sew? I made almost all of my maternity outfits for work because they were basically an A line dress. I also made my kids Halloween costumes pretty simple to do.


I’m finally going to buy an embroidery machine- likely your model as you’ve convinced me it would be a great (unneeded lol) addition. Any tips on using the embroidery function or great posts you referenced?