Shirley Temple

When I woke up this morning and checked Twitter and saw the announcement of Shirley Temple’s passing… I was very sad. Shirley Temple movies (I mean, really all of them) were some of my favorite memories as a kid. Besides It Takes Two, we used to rent all the Shirley Temple movies from Blockbuster. I think we even owned a few VHS tapes!
Oh, I just love Shirley Temple. Isn’t it wonderful that she’s leaving behind a legacy that will continue to last through the generations. Her movies and her curls and her little dances are so timeless that I can’t imagine not having my kids and their kids watching the same movies. 
What was your favorite film of hers?

PS Have you seen the movie Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story? Loved it!! Now I feel like I need to rewatch it this weekend.
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Regina Heit

I can't believe she's really gone! She was such a talented and adorable little girl. Now On The Good Ship Lollipop is so stuck in my head. So many people know her as "just the drink," but she really was the best child actress of all time.


Oh, Julia Ann

I teared up at work when I heard the news. Not only did she star in timeless films, but she had a commendable career as an ambassador and was an amazing advocate for women's health. Well-rounded, strong-headed, incredibly talented… Shirley Temple Black was a spectacular woman.


Loved her movies as a kid. Like some one else mentioned above-"The Little Princess" and "Heidi" were some of my faves. Heck yes I rented the vhss' from blockbuster.

Brittany Lauren

I remember watching all her movies on AMC when I was a little girl with my American Girls dolls. Heidi was one of my favorite! Not so many classic stars left 🙁


Hi. I don't follow your posts in order, so I'm just seeing this one today. I saw Shirley Temple in your archive and had to click on it. I was very sad Shirley Temple passed away. She was a special part of my childhood. My grandpa used to stock our vacation cottage with old movies. We always watched Shirley, Judy Garland, and Esther Williams. My favorite Shirley Temple movies are "Little Miss Broadway," "Curly Top," and "Heidi." Actually, I started asking for her dvd volumes for my birthdays in college, lol. I am very thankful that my family raised my sister and myself with an appreciation for things of the past. My love for Shirley Temple was always a representation of that.