I am such a huge fan of shorts during the summer. I’d much prefer to wear a plain t shirt or polo and a fun printed pair of shorts any day of the summer.
I have what seems like a million pairs of J. Crew shorts. I have a couple of Lilly’s that I love.

I love this print…. I think it might be my first watercolor project of the summer!

Strawberries are cute!

LOVE the seersucker, don’t like the sweater with the bare belly though…

I love my critter shorts! I wish J. Crew would start making more…. Anybody have any old 0s or 2s they want to give me haha

My Lilly seersucker shorts

I love my blue and white Lilly ones! They were part of one of my senior portrait outfits!

These red seersucker J. Crew shorts are my current fave. They have little navy anchors on them!

Giraffe print = fun, fun, fun


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I'm also bummed that J. Crew never makes critter shorts anymore! BUT… I have found that the J. Crew outlets still carry them. In the past two summers I've been able to pick up five really fun pairs. Usually the outlets are a bit of a drive, but they tend to carry more colorful and less modern stuff – so worth it!



I wish J Crew still made critter shorts too! I love shorts in summer and people are starting to dress them up more which is great!

Southern Living: Preppy Style

There were TONS of the critter, anchor and palm tree shorts at my J. Crew outlet yesterday. If I'd have known, I'd of picked them up for you and mailed to you!
Yeah – I don't do the midriff bearing thing either. I just had that conversation in my office with one of my co-workers.


I love my J.crew critter shorts! I have whales and anchors. I also have those same lilly seersuckers with the bow, love em! 🙂

Sweet Southern Prep

YES! I love my printed shorts, and I agree, I wear shorts all spring and summer long. Most of mine are from J.Crew, okay all of them are from there, but I do want to add some LP to my wardrobe too. Their newest designs are really cute. I've got the green shorts with blue tennis raquets, like you've got on in that one pic. I do wish they'd make some more critter ones, or at least carry them online or at a store near me. Love all the pics!


So many cute shorts! I just bought the first pair a few days ago, I love them! Have a great day! xoxo


I love shorts too. I have the anchor pair from J.Crew. I really want the seersucker striped ones from Lilly