Should You Live Alone?

I just turned in my lease renewal for my apartment. I can’t believe that I’ve been living on my own for almost a year now.
Finding this apartment was sheer luck. It was the last of the second day and I was fairly convinced that I was never going to be able to find an apartment that I could afford and feel safe in. (When apartment hunting, you can only choose two: Space, Price, Location.)
When I first decided to move into the city, I was pretty certain that I didn’t want to live with someone else. I wanted freedom! My own space! Being able to play music, blow dry my hair at any hour of the day, and have boys over without socks on doorknobs and awkward mini-walks of shame. There are obviously benefits and drawbacks to living by yourself. Everyone has different needs and wants… and that’s okay.
In college, I had plenty of experience living with people. I had a traditional dorm room the first two years with roommates (both of whom I didn’t know going into the year). As a junior, I lived in a house with three people. And then my senior year, I lived alone in a single. I knew girls who loved being in a house. Of course, I did love being with my friends (and listening to the Country Strong soundtrack on repeat together). But there were times when I just needed space (like finding a housemate in the shower passed out after partying and seeing some of my male teammates awkwardly in the hallway the next morning and the boring battle over chores).
I learned a lot living in a single my senior year. I really enjoyed the freedom, but I learned that I could easily become a hermit if I wasn’t careful! Planning dinners with friends, spending lots of time in the student center in the business school, and traveling to NYC nearly every weekend helped. I could have my friend-time and then also come back to a quiet room.
People ask me all the time how I like living alone and whether or not they should live alone. But it’s not an answer that I can really give all that easily.
As much as I love it, there have been times when I wish I could come home to an apartment with a roommate (or two). One of my friends who was interviewing for jobs stayed with me a couple of times this summer and I loved it. She happened to be here that one week when I broke down and having her in the apartment to talk to was really nice. And she was here when I got a crazy-random phone call from a boy asking me out on a date… putting him on speakerphone and squeezing each other’s arms with excitement was so fun! Even staggering our alarms and showers wasn’t an issue.
The two days my sister lived with me on the other hand? Not okay. I love her… but it was a struggle. We were just too different!
I’ve also heard amazing things from friends who live with other people (just like an episode of Friends), but I’ve also heard breaking-leases-two-months-in horror stories.
Would you prefer to live alone or with a roommate? I’d love to hear your stories and opinions!


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Jen Yss

I lived with one roommate throughout college and we got along so well! I loved living with her and having someone else around. However, I will say I never truly found myself until I lived alone. Having the freedom to come and go as you please, leave dirty dishes in the sink, and shower any time you want is such a luxury on top of that. One big perk is that I have a cat to keep me company when I'm home after work or for a relaxing evening and I wouldn't have it any other way!

BK Christy

Love this! My twin sister and I lived together with other roommates all throughout college, and then once we moved to LA we moved in just the two of us. This year, we were going to get our own places, but we're not quite ready to make the split yet. It's a difficult decision, but I totally agree about making friend dates & outings. Even living with roommates, it's easy to just hang out with the people you see every day…it takes effort to make plans with other friends outside of your apartment/house.

xo, K


Real College Student of Atlanta

I've been pondering this recently too. I've lived with a roommate (or two) since freshman year and I love it, as long as I have my own bathroom. I think I'll continue to have a roommate for a few more years until I'm super comfortable living in the city. I'm glad you like your situation!


As of now, I'm in college and have roommates. I love having someone around but sometimes I just need time alone. I think after I graduate from college, I would want to live by myself. There's just something about being on your own that appeals to me – the freedom to do what you please and when you want to. But I'm glad you're enjoying your life in NY!




I'm only a Junior in college now, but for my first year and a half of college I went through three different roommates. My first one was a nightmare, so I switched to another room with two months left in the year. That roommate was an oddball, but more tolerable. Then I roomed with a friend the next semester, but I still wasn't happy. So I came home. And I'm back living with my family, commuting, and I couldn't be happier. I just don't like to live with roommates. I'm sure it had to do with living in a 11×11 cube together, but still.


I lived with my best friend for a while and it was both great and horrible. We had the best time staying up late and talking through the night. Early morning shopping. But because we were best friends we did everything together, but it got to be to much and we ended up at each other's throats. She got her own place and now things are great.

Fashion and Happy Things


In college, I had good and bad roommate experiences… and junior year I was so tempted to break the lease so many times. My roommate and I ended up not talking and we didn't end on good terms. My roommates sophomore year and senior year were great and I had the best time ever in the room! I grew to appreciate them EVEN more during the times I'm stressed and sick!

I tried living alone one summer however, and I did enjoy it in the beginning, but I ended up feeling lonely and sometimes, even unsafe. Up to this day, I would rather live with someone than live alone.


I love having my space, but I always get scared when I am alone. For some reason I always need to have someone with me to talk to when I am upset or worried, otherwise I over worry myself about little things!



After three years of experience with roommates, I can definitely say that I'd prefer to live alone! I've loved my roommates as people but I'm definitely someone that needs my own space. This coming year, I'm sharing an apartment with 3 other girls but I'm looking forward to having my own bedroom, unlike years past. It'll be nice to have my own space where I can just close the door for some alone time. I get what you're saying about becoming too much of a hermit – something I definitely need to be careful of.

Congrats on renewing the lease! The apartment looks lovely from the photos.

Alyson Shields

I was required to have a roommate my first year in college and then spent the next three years paying extra for a single room in my sorority house! But now I'm about to move into my first apartment alone and I'm so nervous about being lonely I've been dog shopping. Hopefully it won't be as lonely as I think!

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I always lived with 3 or more people sophomore through senior year of college and had so much fun but there definitely times when I wish I had my own space. A few months ago I was debating whether to move into Boston by myself or with roommates. The thought of living alone kind of freaks me out but being in a new city, not knowing too many people, the only potential roommates I could find were my co-workers who were already trapped in leases. So I was in a bit of a pickle. In the end I found a girl from my sorority's alumni group and will be moving in with her and her friend. I think later down the road when I can afford it I'll get my own place, but for now I'm excited for new roomies in a new city! Congrats on renewing your lease 🙂

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I've lived alone and with a roommate before (and currently have one now due to necessity). However, I'll definitely be living alone in my next apartment. I prefer to choose when and where I want to socialize and then have the ability to come back to my own quiet place.

Allison Abernathy

I lived with a roommate in the dorms the first year and we got along well enough (especially for how different we were). I moved into a student apartment with 3 girls last year, 2 of which I knew and the other was potluck. It was not so good.. We had different lifestyles. I had met one of them in the dorms last year and we had meshed well, but living with her was so different. I like to have fun, but during the week I am a serious student.

I really wish I could live alone, but I just can't afford the cost, so I'm looking around to live with just one other person. And this time, I'm making sure our lifestyles and routines are compatible. You don't have to be best friends, but you do have to share similar philosophies.

Kelly M.

I have lived alone since my sophomore year of college and I love it! I'm really big into entertaining and hosting dinners for my friends and it's really nice to be able to do that without worrying about inconveniencing another person! I'm also so busy that by the time I get back to my apartment it's really nice to be alone. When it comes to safety, I go to school in a pretty safe town so its really not a huge concern, but I do have a small container of mace next to my bed (just in case) it makes me safer knowing I would be able to have something to protect myself if I needed to. I think living alone really gives people the space to become their own person, but I totally understand that it's not the right thing for everyone and I was an exception being comfortable with the idea so early.

Kelly M.

I have lived alone since my sophomore year of college and I love it! I'm really big into entertaining and hosting dinners for my friends and it's really nice to be able to do that without worrying about inconveniencing another person! I'm also so busy that by the time I get back to my apartment it's really nice to be alone. When it comes to safety, I go to school in a pretty safe town so its really not a huge concern, but I do have a small container of mace next to my bed (just in case) it makes me safer knowing I would be able to have something to protect myself if I needed to. I think living alone really gives people the space to become their own person, but I totally understand that it's not the right thing for everyone and I was an exception being comfortable with the idea so early.


I lived with a roommate in a tiny dorm room my freshman year, and my sophomore year I lived in a 5-girl room in my sorority house that shared a common room with another 4-girl room. 9 girls (crazy, I know) living in such a tight space really freaked me out. There was never any privacy, but on the other hand we had those moments when a boy would call asking us on a date or the occasional late night dance party and our day wasn't complete without our usual pillow talk before we drifted off.

Again, my junior year I lived with about 5 girls in an apartment which was really nice. This next year I'm just living with a couple other people. I guess I just always need someone around so I don't go crazy!

Crumbs and Curls

I lived alone my freshman year of college because of some health problems. This past year (my sophomore year) I decided to give the whole roommate thing a try & moved in with my best friend, which was my worst decision ever. The girl I was friends with & the girl I ended up living with were two completely different people, there was a laundry list of terrible things she did, but nothing topped the fact that she was really truly mean to me & everyone that entered our apartment. It was so bad that 3 weeks into 2nd semester I had to move out. I moved into a random apartment on campus with 3 other girls, 1 I got along with really well, the other 2 were very dirty & not friendly, & the sad part was that living there was still better then living with my previous roommate. Needless to say this year I am living alone. I definitely do agree with you though that you do have to work hard not to become a hermit, & that sometimes it is nice to have a friend around, but I just have people over all the time to combat both!



In college, I always had roommates. Some were great, others were not. Now that I'm about to start my first real job, I've decided that I'm definitely living alone. I know having a roommate could allow me to live in a nicer apartment for less, but I'd rather squeeze myself into a tiny studio and live by myself. Like you, I can easily become a hermit, so I'm going to have to be really intentional about making plans to see friends…which will be fun too!

I think people forget a lot of the good things about living alone: being able to decorate however you want, establishing your own traditions and routines and ways of doing things, becoming completely independent…I think everyone should live alone at least once in their life, just to become fully comfortable with themselves!

Shelby Revis

I definitely prefer to live on my own! I enjoy having my own space to just relax and do whatever I'd like. Freshman year of college, I had a terrible experience with my first roommate (thankfully she moved out!). My second one was one of my best friends so it was a lot of fun, but I decided on a single for the next year and loved it so much more. I agree that it takes a little more effort to be social, but I learned to spend time in common areas on campus and getting out and about whenever I could.

I always love your instagrams featuring your adorable apartment, and hope to have a space of my own after graduation this year!

Mon Amour

I've lived alone all through college and love it. Sometimes I get lonely and wish I lived closer to my friends but it is so nice having my own space. I have a lot of friends who hate living alone though. Definitely a personal preference

Virginian Belle

I lived alone last year, my sophomore year in college, but this year a good friend and I decided to move in together. In all reality, living with someone is so much cheaper than flying solo, but I prefer independent living, myself. Our apartment is beautiful though, and two stories at that, so we have our own sanctuaries to go off to when we need it.

Jessica Joyce

After graduating college, I plan on living on my own, but the "being alone" part definitely scares me.
Did you know anyone when you moved to NYC? I definitely need to have my emergency friend less than 10 mins away if I'll be living on my own.

Your Friend, Jess


I absolutely love living with a roommate, one because I always need someone to bounce thoughts off of, especially when it comes to writing some blog posts. I also like the idea of always having someone go out and about with at almost any hour if I want company.
I have lived with the same roommate since freshman year and we are going into our final year this fall.

Kristie C.

I have had roommate nightmares along with some great roommate stories.
My freshman year I had to switch rooms twice, first time because of a new room opening and second because my roommate got caught with drugs! 🙁
My sophomore year I had an amazing random roommate that I am still friends with today.
Unfortunately, my junior year of college I roomed with fellow athletes (two swimmers and one girl that rowed with me) and the environment was so tense and we got into arguments a lot. Even though we had our own bedrooms and personal space, the apartment just felt way too small!
Finally my senior year, I lived with three random girls and I had one of the best living arrangements in college. We each had our own bedroom, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and living room to ourselves.
I've come to the conclusions that finding an apartment with randoms isn't so bad. For grad school this year I will be living with two girls I don't know. Hoping for the best!


I just moved to Manhattan 1.5 months ago and pretty much insisted on living solo. During the crazy apartment-hunting experience, I quickly came to realize that living alone here is a luxury. But what it came down to was what I wanted to sacrifice! Anyway, I lived with roommates for 3 years in college as well until I finally got my own place senior year and it was definitely life-changing. While I agree it can get lonely, having that time to yourself is truly self-educating and often times liberating. To each their own!


Marissa Katz

Honestly, I would love to try living by myself for my senior year (2015) but I'm afraid that like you've mentioned, it wouldn't take long for me to become a hermit!

My entire college career, I've roomed with women I didn't know before going in, so if I considered a roommate for senior year, I'd definitely want to move in with a friend or by myself.

Autumn @ The Unreal Life

I prefer to live with someone because it makes me feel safer. I don't know why. but my current situation has been a disaster. I think before you agree to live with someone, ask some crucial questions–do they have any hobbies (my roommate doesn't, the TV is on 24/7); how will sharing ammenities (like TV) work? They're awkward questions, but helpful.

Ashley Helmick

I think it depends on your schedule, who your roommates would be, and how many people you would be living with (including their boyfriends bc sometimes they might as well be another roommate, but they don't pay the bills!). I've lived with some interesting people my first two years, and then three years with my best friends! Maybe there were some bumps along the way with the best friends, but you really get to know each other that's for sure.
I have lived with one, two and three other roommates. I have had my own room in a 2bed/2ba, own room in a 3bed/3ba apartment, shared everything but a bed in a 2bedroom/2ba apartment with 3 other girls (sometimes 4) and also had my own room in a more spacious 4bed/4bath apartment. Now I'm graduated and away from my college friends, and I would give (almost) anything to go back and live at the Ridge next to campus sharing a room, bathroom, small closet 2bed/2bath apartment with some of my best friends. I was a Junior/Senior and learned a heck of a lot about myself and the other girls I lived with. At one point I really almost had a breakdown (being an only child, homegirl is not used to sharing everything!), but I was also thankful because I knew what it was like to be miserable, living with one other person in a 2 bedroom apartment with my own everything. Thank God for so many lines of communication these days because I don't know what I would do without my roomies!!
I would agree with what you've said about apartments, you can only pick two: location, price, space. But something you can control is who you live with, and I have found that's the most important part. No matter where it is!