Simple Storage Solutions

With a teeny tiny workspace and a compulsion to hoard any and all papers, I’m all about simple storage solutions. There are many things that I feel like I need by my desk, including… batteries.
I don’t know what it is about my keyboard and trackpad, but they consume a lot of energy and I’m constantly swapping out batteries. In fact, I keep a huge stockpile by my desk. The other day, my big pile turned out to only have one batter left. (How did that happen?) Before walking to the drug store, my computer was essentially useless because I couldn’t move my mouse!
I typically keep the batteries in the plastic “shell” they come in. I buy them in bulk so the plastic reseals. I hated the way it looked… and I had just cleaned out my desk so I had this little box from Ladurée that I couldn’t throw away before. The perfect size for my AA batteries. This felt like a small type-a victory.
Do you have any simple storage solutions that are useful and cute?

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A Peachy Sonder

I love this solution almost as much as I love Ladurée's macarons! I use a lot of mason jars for storage, as well as bowls/plates as catch-alls around my apartment!

Thanks for sharing!

Rachelle M

rechargeable batteries are a lifesaver I have all of my AA and AAA batteries switched over with eight spares. It is a lot less expensive and better for the environment.


I use Jewel Mint containers for zip drives and camera cards. I also use my J.Crew bags for binder clips and stuff like that. It looks super cute and it's recycling! (: