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With December here, I received a small handful of requests about ski clothes. Honestly, the whole ski thing is incredibly new to me. I only just learned how to ski last year. So I’m definitely n.o.t. an expert on the whole “what to wear” thing. But I am trying and learning so I’ll share what’s been working for me.
Where to buy:
Backcountry is my new favorite website. Garrett got me hooked on it and we check back frequently. They carry the best brands and the best selection of items for skiing and beyond. They also have free 2-day shipping (plus free returns) and literally the best customer service I’ve ever experienced online. (One time I asked the length of a sleeve and the guy checked the stock in the warehouse and had it measured for me.)
Rue La La will start to have “ski sales” any day now. Last year, there was one every week it seemed. I bought my helmet, goggles, pants, and coat from Rue last year because they were heavily discounted and I had no idea if I would actually like skiing. Rue La La is best if you know your sizing and what brands you’re interested in. Garrett picked everything out for me because I was clueless, but ended up with Salomon pants/coat which were perfect.
Helmet // I have an older version of this helmet and love it. Probably the most important piece of your “outfit.” Safety is the most important thing, skilled or not skilled. I like this helmet in particular because it keeps my ears warm and the strap around the chin is super soft and comfortable. 
Goggles // I upgraded my goggles this year to these. I had the same brand last year, just a cheaper version. Comfortable goggles also helps make the day easier. I like these because I forget I’m wearing them altogether!
Gaiter // The gaiter is pretty necessary on cold days. You just slip it over your head and you can pull it up over your mouth or push it down if you’re warmer. I have a love/hate relationship with these because if I start to feel panicky on the mountain I immediately start feeling claustrophobic. However, I’ll take being warm and comfortable over anything else at the end of the day.
Gloves // I tried on a bunch of gloves last year and fell in love with these. They’re so warm. Cold hands is the worst. The wrist straps, in my opinion, are a must.
Base Layer Pants // Last year I wore old crew gear for my base layers… I doubled up on base layer pants which wasn’t that comfortable after a few hours. This year, I bought a pair of Hot Chillys!
Base Layer Top // I also upgraded my base layer tops for the year. Hoping it helps with my level of comfort and flexibility in addition to overall warmth. 
Fleece // These fleeces are the perfect mid-layer for me. I wear it over my base and under my coat. At lunch, you can slip off your coat without being exposed in your base layer.
Jacket // I made an investment in this coat. A friend had a discount code for the holiday season and I took advantage of it! After trying it on in my apartment, I can already tell it will keep me extra warm on the mountain! 
Socks // Socks are a make it or break it kind of deal. These are padded at the right spots, especially the shins!! Life savers, I tell you.
We don’t “go out” after skiing. We mostly hang out, play games, cook dinner, relax… go to bed early. So we’re definitely not pulling out all the stops or dressing to the nines. I’m all for just being cozy!

Add little black pants or super soft leggings and you’re good to go!

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Erin Murphy

Those wrist-straps are a serious lifesaver! It's so nice to be able to quickly slip your hands out of your gloves to fix a zipper or strap, and not have to worry about holding on to them so they don't fall off the chairlift down to the run below. As a longtime reader and skier I'm always happy to read about you getting into skiing, hope you have some great times this year 🙂


It's so awesome you've fallen in love with skiing, Carly! I grew up skiing in VT and spend every xmas there, but kind of fell out of love with it recently because I can't handle being cold, haha. This year I'm going to try REALLY HARD to be a champ. Hand warmers for the win, right?!

Kelly | Kelly in the City