Skull and Bones

Today is Gasparilla in South Tampa. If you’re unfamiliar with the holiday, it’s basically a city-wide celebration of the invasion of Jose Gaspar. It’s kind of a huge deal in Tampa. The town shuts down for the day for a parade (and day drinking).
We used to go every year when we were younger as a family, but I never loved it. Fighting for beads? I’ll pass.
But it is a big Tampa tradition and I’d much rather celebrate from afar! And it’s given me a different outlook on the skull and bones look. Seriously. Skulls and pirates are everywhere. We’d “collect” the perfect things all year round for our Gasparilla outfits. (One year, I had this amazing pink and green skull ribbon belt. Oh, how I wish I could find a picture!)
Meesh was busy making Gasparilla pops for just about every party today! (Borrowed this photo from Stacy’s Instagram.)
Whenever I see skulls on something, I get a serious tinge of homesickness.

Does your hometown have any fun traditions that everyone participates in?


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That sounds so fun! Kinda reminds me of Mardi Gras here, thats our thing. They shut down like half the city for parades (and there is definitely drinking involved). Although after getting kicked in the face by some woman in high heels as a kid, beads kind of lost their appeal…but I still look forward to King Cake (we always get a cream cheese one from a local bakery and they are SO GOOD)! 🙂

Ashley B

As I am reading this I am listening to all of the drunk people yelling outside lol. I am with you, I don't want to be a party pooper, but I'd rather stay inside today (I actually have no choice, I live too close to the parade so I can't leave).

Ashley | History in High Heels


Great picks, especially the skull and bones loafers! My school's mascot is a pirate, so I love the skull and bones motif!

Poppy Lee

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Tara Louise

Loving that tuckernuck skull necklace, and the ring that matches it on their website! the only thing my family really gets into are swedish holidays, definitely nothing as fun as this!

Marissa Meleedy

Gasparilla can be so much fun! I went last year but wasn't really feeling it this year. I heard some hilarious stories about the festivities from my friends that did go though!