Slip Dress Again (x2)

I think this slip dress has unexpectedly become my most favorite piece of clothing for the summer. Looking at it online and even while it’s hanging in my closet, it doesn’t seem like “me” whatsoever. But let me tell you, I put it on and start feeling myself. Even though I think the style can lean towards sexy, I actually find it to be very forgiving and flattering. I also have been styling it in very casual and very “me” ways which helps.

I wore it last month styled with simple white sandals and a striped shirt over my shoulders and I wanted to follow up with two more super easy ways to give it a whole new look.

Slip Dress Three Ways

Navy Slip Dress

This ended up being my most favorite of the bunch and, not surprisingly, the least fussy to wear. A light denim jacket and my go-to sneaks… can’t go wrong. I’d usually steer very clear of wearing sneaks with a dress that hit below the knees but somehow (magically?) this little guy still makes me look tall(ish).

Did I mention that it’s under $30???

Preppy Slip Dress How to Style a Slip Dress

I know this isn’t groundbreaking, but tying the striped shirt (or you could even do a sweater… it was just way too warm for a sweater this trip!) gives the slip dress a totally new shape. I love how even though the “silk” slip could be seen as dressy, this instantly gives it a more laid back vibe. Sneaks would have been cute too, but for the sake of mixing things up, I went with my trusty Jacks.

And also, just a note about the Boat and Tote. It may be the most practical thing I’ve ever owned. Even though in photos I always have a cute handbag with me, I actually almost always am using this tote. Especially while traveling I find it super handy to just have a bigger tote with me (and it’s great for holding my extra cameras and whatnot), but I’ve also been so committed to not using plastic bags– or even paper ones at this point. I just love having the big tote with me and it inevitably makes itself worthwhile to lug around. (I have the navy open top, size large with short handles and navy embroidery if you want the exact same look.)

Carly HeitlingerSLIP DRESS

Denim Jacket // Striped Shirt

Sneakers // Jack Rogers

Old Wicker Bag (similar) // Tote (it’s a size large with short handles)

(Wore these little breast shapers in lieu of a bra 🤪)

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I ordered my regular size for my chest and I’m glad I did…. I think any smaller and the “darts” for the chest wouldn’t have lined up well!


But this dress doesn’t hit below the ankles. I am confused. It looks great with the denim jacket, I have several denim jackets in different washes and you can never go wrong with one over a dress.


Ah! I do think it would be difficult to pull off sneakers and a dress that does hit below the ankles too though.

Candice Z

I think this is simply a magical dress. 😃. Reminds me of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants –


Super cute dress! Love it paired with the jeans jacket and sneakers. Just ordered it myself.