Smathers & Branson- A Smashing Success

I’m taking Entrepreneurship this semester…. and loving it.
One of the assignments is to interview three entrepreneurs over the course of the semester.
The first time, I interviewed the founder of Campus Splash (check it out… really awesome site).
And this time, I interviewed Peter and Austin from Smathers and Branson.
Ummm.  So cool.
And now, I’m on a needlepoint high.  I want everything on their site…  (Which, I’m pretty sure that Georgetown Boy already does!)
The key fobs are really cute.  This is a Georgetown one (they have a ton of different products in a ton of different school patterns/colors/designs too).

I am not one to carry change… or cash for that matter (too dirty), but I think I would definitely work on that crazy of mine and buy this coin purse.  I mean, hello, LOBSTER!

And the men’s belts (as well as the women’s belts) are TDF.  I am so in love with this bow tie one…. can all boy prepsters out there buy this!?  Yes?  Okay, fantastic!

Georgetown Boy has the (you guessed it) Georgetown wallet.  I love the size!!!  And I’m loving the sailboat!
Bah, okay… enough needlepoint for today (hahah…. is there such a thing?!)

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My boyfriend has the sailboat wallet! I got him a sailboat Smathers and Branson belt for his birthday too! He is dying for the varied beer brand belt though…it's quite humorous! Thanks for sharing…now I am needing to splurge on the adorable change purse! P.S. I just tagged you in my last post…not sure if you are too busy or not though! Either way, have a great end to your weekend love!


My first car keys were on a Smathers and Branson keychain! I recently finished needlepointing a belt for myself with nautical flag monogram!


I love the bow-tie belt!!! I go to school at the University of Richmond and five minutes from our campus is Peter Blair, the preppiest of stores for men. The owner of the store designs bow-ties and his wife colors the designs in. They then have the bow-ties made. I was in the store the other day shopping for my boyfriend's birthday (I wanted to get him this adorable pale yellow bow tie with powder blue polka dots for Pig Roast this April), and I saw the belt and asked the owner about it. Apparently, a friend of his needlepointed him a belt with bow ties as a gift and a tribute, and Smathers and Branson loved the design so much that they decided to produce one of their own 🙂

I am planning on needlepointing my boyfriend a belt with his family's Coat of Arms and with Fleur de Lis (he is from Louisville) for this upcoming Christmas.


Cute needlepoint! I'm gonna check out the key fobs; I sorta need a new one. And I with you–I never carry cash!


I own the nautical flags belt from smathers and bran son. I get laid every night because of it.