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Smells Like Holiday Spirit

I’ve admitted to being a bit of a grinch when it comes to the holidays. For whatever reason, this year is completely different. Last winter, with all those polar vortexes, I think I realized how amazing the month of December is in NYC. It’s certainly cold, but the city is still very much alive! The holiday spirit keeps it going just a bit longer before going into a boring and dreary hibernation from January through basically April. I will be relishing the December-moments for as long as I can.
The strings of lights everywhere, mittens that still match and boots that don’t yet feel overdone, and (the best!) Christmas trees on every corner. The city has so many weird smells, but December is different. It smells wonderful from all the trees! It’s even more magnified the day after it rains or snows. That Christmas tree smell alone makes the dark nights and freezing morning worth it.
(If you want a great holiday scent at home, you have to get this candle. It is the best.)
I’ve showed some fancier holiday looks, but this one is more on the casual side. You can easily swap the heels for a pair of flats or the sweater for a turtleneck or even long sleeved shirt.
Isn’t this clutch fancy?! It’s unfortunately already sold out, but there’s a fun wallet and card case in the same glitter color! I’ve had multiple friends convince me about how much they love MZ Wallace (Hallie and Jess being two of them) and now I totally get it. If you’re the type of girl who likes to travel well-prepared (and flats to change into on the way home), look how cute this tote bag is!
These pants are, ugh, also sold out. BUT, I had one mom email me about the pants after seeing them on my Instagram… and she called a few stores and they located a pair. So all hope is not lost!!! If you absolutely have to have them, put on your detective hat and hunt a pair down. You can still order the strapless dress, plaid skirtcashmere scarf, or the tartan Shep shirt.
I’ve been keeping my hair straight on super dry days because my hair is insanely staticky. (Straight hair is way easier to comb out knots than curly hair!) Gina Made it velvet headbands do just the trick to keep my staticky hair out of my face and the perfect pop of color, too. They’re 30% off right now with “holiday” at checkout. (Great stocking stuffers & gifts for girlfriends!)
Photos by Bekka Palmer
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Audrey Lin

Those pants are PERFECT! They have little bits of red and green without looking too much like a Christmas costume, and the detailing at the bottom omg. I've always wanted to spend Christmas in New York because of all the festivities. When I visited San Francisco over Thanksgiving break, I found it really funny how palm trees were strung with Christmas lights. Ah, west coast. Now that I'm in college, I'm only a 2hr bus ride away from New York, so I could easily head up there for Christmas, but alas, I always visit my extended family in Asia over winter break, so that's not quite as convenient. Ah well, holidays are about spending time with your loved ones after all! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Rachel Martin

Love this outfit! I've had my eye on these pants for a couple weeks now but there's no VV by my school to go try them on! Now I definitely need to purchase them, the detailing is amazing!

Xo, Rach
Seashells + Sparkles