snack time

Lifeguard Press sent me a Lilly Pulitzer reusable snack bag at the end of the summer.  I knew I would use it, but I didn’t realize how awesome it really is.
Skipping on the plastic sandwich bag is a little way to reduce the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis. I’m trying to be better when it comes to being green.  This is an easy change, that can be cute and functional at the same time.
My classes go straight through the day, so I never have time to sit down and eat lunch.  (I love being able to have a nice, long breakfast to get my head ready for the day!)  I try to grab a bagel with peanut butter to eat in between two of my afternoon classes.  The sandwich bag is the perfect size and it’s surprisingly easy to clean!
My Lilly one is great!  There are also other (preppy) options to take a look at as well.
Pink Elephants via Etsy

Polka Dots via Etsy

Social Pink Circle via Itzy Ritzy

Whale Watching Pink via Itzy Ritzy

Sunny Jungle via PB Green
Anyone else use these reusable bags?  Where are yours from?

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Ashley M.

I use these everyday when I pack my lunch — for my sandwhich, my wheat thins, grapes, everything! They are amazing, good for the environment, CUTE, and a lot less mess!! I love the elephant ones!



These would also be great sneaking food from the cafeteria when I don't have time to sit down and eat… shhh.


I've seen these a few places and love them. I would really like to pick a few up. They are the perfect place to store some almonds for when you're feeling an energy crash coming on in the middle of class!

xx Emily @


Oh my goodness these are AMAZING! I am headed to grad school in January and will be working part-time so I am definitely going to need to pack snacks, and I hate wasting packaging.


I absolutely LOVE my Lilly (limeade floaters pattern) "resnack it" bag! The hubster got it for me as a "surprise just because I love you" gift :). I use it basically every day!


These would be great for a purse snack. I find myself needing these at times when I am too busy to stop running! lol Oh and I can never have too much Lilly, duh!