Snail Trail

It started with this enamel bracelet. I saw it on the J. Crew website and fell head over heels in love with it. I like the bone color of the bracelet with the bright yellow/orange snails!!! SNAILS! Seems like such a random creature to find adorable, but they are quite charming.
I love the description of the bangle on the J. Crew website:
One of the quirky, quintessentially J. Crew animal collection pieces we can’t get enough of, this superspecial snail bangle is in near daily rotation.
Succulents seem to be really “in” right now. I’ve seen cute ones on Tumblr and Pinterest. This is the little succulent that Soccer Mom sent me a month or so ago. It’s so cute and tiny, but it’s actually growing a lot. Having it on my desk makes me really happy, especially when I’m bored and studying! 

Love the little pebbles. I can totally see a cute little snail living in there… and I totally would let one if I thought it wouldn’t try to escape from the pot! Which, it definitely would!!!
After I saw the snail bracelet, I started seeing snails everywhere… Including this super pretty blouse from Anthropologie.
It comes in pink and navy. My favorite part is the back. I think it’s a perfect summer top. It would look cute with a pair of skinny white cropped jeans.
And…. little snail lounge pants!
Do you think I’m a total dork for thinking that snails are cute?!

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My high school mascot were the snails so I love all things Snail!
AWESOME post – I am definitely picking up that bracelet this weekend!!
GO GO Escargot!


Well owls sure have gotten a lot of attention so guess it is time for a new creature to be popular! Ha!