Snow Days

When I grew up in Massachusetts, getting that snow day call was the best. I don’t remember it happening often, which made it that much more special. And then in Florida we (obviously) had no snow days. (Although, Hurricane days were absolutely a dime a dozen.)
Well, snow days as an adult are not fun. I keep my phone on the windowsill… so when I click off the alarm I always take a peek to see what the weather’s like. At 5:05, the last thing I want to see is snow on the ground. My bed calls my name pretty loud on a normal morning. When there’s snow on the ground, my bed sounds more like an open golden egg out of water in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Aka, very, very, very loud.
Apparently, tons of snow might be on its way? Between that and feeling a little bit under the weather in general, I figured that I should share with you my secret love. Cashmere wraps
Confession: I have become a cashmere snob. I swore that I would never become one. And here I am craving cashmere sweaters, and cashmere socks, and cashmere hats. (Hugo Guinness cashmere sweater??? NEED.) 
Totally luxurious and absolutely unnecessary. But nice to have, no?
So when it’s snowy outside and freezing cold and I’d rather stay in bed, this is what I choose to wear.
Even my normal uniform doesn’t seem comfortable enough. I have to seriously ration out this exact outfit, because I feel like wearing it every single day.
My sweater is a Lilly Pulitzer one that I got on Rue La La. It was a total impulsive decision and one that I definitely do not regret. Unfortunately, I can’t find this exact one online anymore, but this one looks absolutely divine and I love the color choices for this one.
I actually found a super similar looking sweater from Club Monoco! It comes in so many colors and I’m totally tempted to get them all!!!! Oh, wouldn’t that be nice. Layer over a simple tank top and pair with a favorite pair of jeans. Don’t forget the Hunter Wellingtons for walking through the slush (because, honestly snow in Manhattan turns to slush so fast). 
Can I just live in this please???
What’s your snow day uniform?

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I'm also a bit of a cashmere snob – Burberry have some cashmere gloves with touchscreen technology that look absolutely divine 🙂


I always wear the same striped shirts and puffy vest with my hunters on snow days – it's just so comfy and easy to throw on!

xx Emily @

Robin Malia Holde

Having grown up in eastern North Carolina, where there is rarely snow, and if there is, the whole world stops, I was in for a big surprised when I moved more inland for college. It snowed AND I had to go to class! I really like your snow day uniform idea! I need to find one for myself:)



You shouldn't feel bad about obsessing over cashmere…it's the best! Seriously, if freezing snowy days aren't the perfect excuse to wear cashmere I don't know what is! I <3 all things cashmere too…I consider it an investment for my health and well-being 🙂

– Irina @ Chocolatea Time


i would much rather have snow days. we had fire days. i love sweaters like this and never even thought to get a cashmere one. i might need one! or three.


Wool or cashmere turtleneck, skinny jeans, cashmere scarf wrapped around my neck/face, Kenneth Cole long (black) down coat – with a hood!, Cushe fleece-lined winter boots.


I love cashmere, and especially Club Monaco cashmere! I have a 3/4 sleeve light grey cardigan from there that I bought three years ago which I have worn probably 4 days a week year round (offices are cold!) and it still looks pretty darn good. Cashmere lasts, it is excellent value for money as far as luxuries go!