Soaking Up Sunday

Maxie hits the nail on the head with this guest post. I tend to fall victim to “the Sunday scaries” around 9pm. I always think it feels like you’re at the top of a roller coaster knowing you’re about to drop.
Soaking Up Sunday
by Maxie McCoy
When I think back to my childhood days, Sunday was always my least favorite. The fun of the weekend was over, school started back the next day, and all of those feelings would come crashing down on the last day of the week. I fretted over the test coming up that Thursday. I worried over the amount that had to get done before the end of the week. And I basically lost an entire day worried about what was to come.
Now, with a bit more wisdom and so much more perspective, I’m pretty sure Sunday is the best day of the week for all of us. It’s like a little present wrapped in a polka-dot bow that gets handed to us after a long week of work and a fun weekend of playing. When done right, Sundays can elevate your entire week, both the one that came before you and the one just on the horizon.
Sunday is special for that very reason. It’s both the beginning and the end of a week. And we should treat it as such. If we maximize our Sunday (which does not mean scheduling it down to the minute with errands and crossing things off our checklist) we can set up our mind, body and spirit up for an especially successful week ahead.
Your Mind
One of my favorite ways to guarantee a calm and rejuvenating Sunday is to keep this day technology free. Now I’ll be really honest and say that I haven’t gotten myself to the point of not using my phone on Sundays, but I’ve found so much peace in turning off the social, the work email, and the TV to make Sunday a (mostly) electronics free zone. What could you possibly do with that time instead? I think an amazing Sunday ritual once you’ve detached from your technology is simply to pick up a book. You’ll give your mind a break from pixels, and feed it with some goodness — whether that’s self help, juicy romance, or one of Carly’s latest faves.
Your Body
Turn off the alarm clock on Sunday morning, seriously. Give yourself one day every week where you can let your body wake up when she’s ready to start the day. It’s one of the most freeing actions, unchaining yourself from the alarm and from the go go go pace of our usual day. And in order to relish in this alarm-free zone each and every Sunday, schedule your day so that you have the freedom to do this. Meet your galpals for brunch a bit later, go to the evening church service, or schedule your early morning workouts for Saturdays. I’m telling you, your body will love this little treat you’re giving her. And if you wake up close to noon, you’ll know your body needed it…so maybe you should be getting more beauty rest throughout the week *wink*
Your Spirit
I’ve recently been relishing in what I call “the art of a slow morning.” It means when I wake up, I give myself an hour before I whip out my phone. I have some tea. I work out sans email on the treadmill. I read a book. And most importantly… I meditate. For five minutes (that’s it). Once upon a time I tried meditating every day for 30 days for like a half hour (Carly and I tried and failed miserably at this challenge together) and it didn’t work for me. So I decided to start smaller— to start with five minutes. And can I tell you the peace it’s bringing to my soul? I feel the stillness of my spirit. I see fun snapshots of my future and my problems wash over me. If you haven’t quite figured out how to embrace a slow morning every day, make Sunday your slow day. Make Sunday the day you meditate. 
Sunday is your day to tap back into the importance of you and the priority of your well being. Connect with your spirit, give love to your body, calm your mind, and you’ll see the fruits in your week to come. Make Sunday your best day, one that will set the foundation for the week to come.

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Lauren Rose

Great tips! I often do dread Sundays and feel stressed about the coming week, but it's all about mind over matter and enjoying the present moment.


I'm definitely one of those people who stress out about Sunday. I even stress out on Saturday about stressing out on Sunday when I'm really stressing out about Monday! Thank you so much for these tips! Hopefully I'll be able to put them to good use 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

The Yuppie Files

Sundays are very different now with a baby- no more relaxing days! But I have changed my Sunday evenings once she goes to bed. Instead of trying to get myself organized & ready for the week I'll do the bare minimum & then spend the night relaxing. So far it's helped a lot in getting my mind ready & not stressed out.


I'm totally guilty of jamming my weekends with schoolwork and freelance work, especially as the school semester is coming to a close. It feels like there is more to do than time to do it in. I'm going to try to implement slower Sunday mornings, though. It sounds like it could be really good for my soul.


I have always tried to keep Sundays free of commitments, but I am completely guilty of breaking that plan more often than not. It's so true that Sunday can set the tone of the previous and coming week.

Sweet Spontaneity

Kim and Miles

I absolutely love this post. I have been trying unsuccessfully to unwind on Sundays, but instead, I spend the day doing endless amounts of homework. I am going to try and implement some of these exercises for my life. I'm glad you posted something for people to look back on for tips on how to relax. I also like how you separate the post into sections of body, mind and spirit. I really enjoy your blog and all that you post. Keep it up!