Soccer Mom is kind of a genius

So here are the pictures from Sporty Sister’s REAL (none of this “non” party stuff for her) graduation party.

Honestly, prepare to be blown away by Soccer Mom’s latest–and so far best– vision.

The chandelier decked out in Orange and Blue.

The china cabinet converted in Sporty Sister’s personal trophy case. [Do not get me started on her trophies. It’s a VERY touchy subject for me…]

Soccer Mom made posters with her pictures… Loving SM’s orange dress, right?!!

Napkins, the invitation, and personalized M&Ms (with her PICTURE on them!)

Outdoor seating

Chick on a stick… This is an inside joke from a million years ago… I don’t even remember the story, but there’s Gail! And Sister!!

Her soccer cleats essentially LIVE on the front porch. So they turned into a cute little arrangement! (Can you spot the cleats?!)

Obviously they’re missing a VERY important person in this picture.

See, she’s a genius.

And funny 🙂
All the guests had their pictures taken with these AWESOME frames! These are Sister’s elementary school teachers!



Best neighbors EVER.


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Such a gorgeous party she came up with again…no wonder she keeps doing other people's parties. Now with both of you in college, she might work full time at her business. Having seen pics of the parties, she never stops coming up with a new vision.