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I don’t love shopping while I travel. Especially now with the internet, it’s not even that necessary. I remember when my sister and I were younger, it was a huge deal to come to NYC because the store selection was better… but now? You can just get everything online. Even brands that are based in a different city, like my new favorite Sezane. I went to the store two years ago and walked by it this time around and the line was down the entire block. I’d rather just buy things online at that point.

With that said, I do like the idea of buying a nice souvenir, particularly for a special trip. I’ve purchased something fun for every trip to Paris so far and love the tradition. (And, frankly, the excuse to splurge!)

For my first trip two years ago, I got an Hermes clic bracelet that I wear all the time. You have probably seen quite a lot of it on my blog and Instagram since. Every single time I put it on, I’m reminded of my first trip to Paris!! And then last fall I splurged on a pair of Chanel flats, which you’ve also probably seen quite a bit of. I resisted the urge to wear them right then and there and brought them to my local cobbler for protective soles when I returned to Hoboken.

Carly Heitlinger

While in Paris last month, I had two ideas for a souvenir. An Hermes scarf or a Chanel brooch. I almost came home empty handed because nothing was speaking to me and I was feeling overwhelmed by the commitment. I know myself and if I’m not completely 100% sold on something, I often end up making a poor decision that I don’t love down the road.

I ended up in the Hermés store while waiting for my flight home…. haha. I had been on the lookout for a special gift for someone who had really helped me out (which I’ll hopefully be able to share more about soon) and  thought to get her a scarf. Naturally (whoops) while looking for hers, I found one that I LOVED. I knew mine was “the one” the second I saw it in the case and it took me thirty minutes to find one that was perfect for the gift.

Buying it in the airport didn’t feel as special as it would have been in the store, but it was so convenient and easy to buy it duty-free and not have to worry about tax refunds. (Plus, I could shop for as long as I wanted without feeling like I was boring Mike as he was on a flight to London. 😂 ) And technically, I still bought it while on my trip so I’m counting it!

Pink and Red Hermes Scarf

It’s a large oversized square, 36×36″ and a Cache Cache Fleuri print. It’s such a fun, whimsical print and I love the pop of color! (It appears that the color way I have is not available in the US, but the print is available in other colors.)

Hermes Scarf

Oh it just makes me so happy!

Carly the Prepster

Cotton Sundress // City Sandals (c/o) // Similar Bag // Scarf

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I think buying something fancy in the airport stores is fun in a different way than shopping in the store. Whenever I see people shopping at LV or Chanel in the airport I’m think “oh my who is that ? they are just casually picking up a Chanel bag at the airport?!”


How beautiful!! I love this notion of buying something special on a special trip, like Paris 🙂 There is so many things you can do with that gorgeous scarf! It’d be so pretty as a head scarf/headband!!

xx Libby


I always bring home something small for my souvenir shelf from each country I visit, but now that I’m looking at purchasing a few more expensive items, I think picking one up overseas would be a great trip souvenir and also a way to save money on the items I was planning on purchasing anyway. 🙂


Your mention of protective shoe soles caught my eye — I’ve never heard of doing that before or even knew that was a possibility! Can you explain more about this process? Do you have to provide the sole? I live in Boston and do a lot of walking, and wear through my shoes quickly. Perhaps you could even consider writing a blog about taking care of investment pieces?


Yes!!!! It’s a must! A cobbler adds a protective sole on the heel and below the ball of the foot/toes so you don’t walk through them as fast- and you can always redo it too!