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Rack It Up is such a great idea. The website was created so that you can “rack up” items in your closet that you’re interested in. When you select the clothes, you choose your size/color and basically save it. If it goes on sale (and still available in your size!) you get an email notification. Even better you can set the notification to only email you when it hits a certain price range.
It’s really easy (and kind of addicting) to build up your closet. You can follow different users’ closets (follow mine!) and rack things they’ve put in their closet or you can use the Rack It Up button (it’s like the Pin It button). Here’s a list of all the stores currently connected with Rack It Up… and they’re adding new ones all the time.
Get started by:
1) Signing up.
2) Following some users… Like me!
4) Rack and rerack items, selecting color/size preference and sale alert!
5) … wait for sale alerts, then SHOP!
A peek into my Rack It Up closet:
I really think the best part is that you can choose when to be alerted about a sale. You can select a certain percentage, a price drop, or any discount. It takes out all of the waiting and obsessing to make sure you’re getting notified only when it’s a sale you’d be interested in.
To celebrate the sponsorship, Rack It Up organized a giveaway!! Enter to win these adorable winter accessories from C. Wonder on the Rack It Up blog.

Leave a comment with your closet and I’ll follow you back!

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Amber Lee Rosenzweig

I think that this is such a great idea! I had heard it mentioned briefly before, but never really sough it out. It would be particularly good as new season collections come out because then you could slowly acquire your favorite pieces as they went on sale. It'd also be great for learning when that long coveted, super expensive investment piece finally (if ever) does too!

Bemnet Tesfaye

Although I don't have a Rack It Up account, I would be honored to have my number one role model follow me on instagram! 🙂
(I already follow you on there!)

instagram: bemclicknet