Being the Type-A, INTJ girl that I am, I hardly ever make spontaneous decisions. Everything is quite calculated and planned. Knowing what is coming up is super important to me.

I did something super spontaneous though on Friday morning. I was at work and just booked a flight home. As I was putting together my weekend to-do list, I realized that I was going to be spending most of it indoors and working. (Levo League is hosting Office Hours with Warren Buffett tomorrow so we’re busy, busy, busy!!!)

I’ve been dying to get back to Florida for a while now. And, to be honest here, sometimes the city (the people, the noise, the stress) just becomes too much. I kind of needed to just get out for a little bit.

When I realized that this was one of the only weekends where I didn’t have something concrete planned, I just popped onto JetBlue and booked a flight home. I sat in a few morning meetings, finished up a few time sensitive things, and then rushed up town. While I normally spend a ton of time writing packing lists and checking weather forecasts (oh and just generally freaking out!), this was totally unplanned.

Easy travel outfit: J. McLaughin Weekender // Etta Pumps // AG Denim // Eadie Bag // Painter Tee

And you know what?

Everything was totally fine.

I threw clothes into a bag. Changed into an outfit that was better for flying. Grabbed every charger I could find. And then hopped into a cab without thinking twice.

I know that I’m definitely an over-thinker. Typically I think this is an okay skill to have– I can see a bunch of different scenarios play out and choose the best option. I didn’t have the chance to over-think this mini-trip. It was an impulsive decision and I simply didn’t have time to give it a second thought.

I didn’t stress about what to pack. I didn’t stress about what my apartment looked like when I left. I didn’t stress about all the things I still had to do. I didn’t stress about the traffic on the way to the airport. I didn’t stress about delayed flights or turbulence.

I was just excited to be on my way to Florida! The weekend has absolutely been wonderful. Learning that spontaneity is a great and healthy thing is the cherry on top.

Have you ever done something spontaneous?


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Miss ALK

Oh good for you for getting away! Florida sounds lovely right now. 🙂

A couple weeks ago I took a full Saturday off and with a friend drove a few hours south to a beautiful lake. We spend the day on the beach at a state park, enjoying nature and sunshine. Totally worth it!

xoxo Miss ALK

A Preppy State of Mind

I feel like the events, outings, and getaways decided on spontaneously are the ones that are the most enjoyable and the most remembered. I'm so happy you were able to get back to Florida this weekend. There is no place like home!

With the GA weather not cooperating with my summer break beginning, I spontaneously decided to take a mini trip a few hours away and visit the Lilly store. Spontaneous and much needed 🙂


Savannah Baron

Did an extremely similar thing with my dad back in February! We're from southern California, but I wanted to check out some schools down south, and I had a week off for "Ski Week." Friday afternoon, my dad called to say he scheduled us to fly standby on a red eye to Atlanta, connecting in Seattle. I threw together bags for the both of us and we left when he got home from work. When we got to Seattle, we got booted from our flight, spent the night in the airport, and hopped on the first one the next morning. Once we got to Atlanta, everything was left undetermined. We got a rental car and simply drove EVERYWHERE. Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama. Atlanta, Savannah, Tybee Island, San Antonio, Daytona, Rollins College, Jupiter, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, Destin, Mobile, Ole Miss in Oxford (my future home!), Auburn, Birmingham, Montgomery, and finally back to Atlanta. How we did it, I have no clue. But I have to say, the trip was way better with no itinerary! I couldn't have wanted to experience the trip in any other way.

So glad you had such a good experience with spontaneity!


Last weekend my dad and I took a completely spontaneous trip to Boston. It was so fun! Sometimes spontaneous trips are the best ones because you get to make up your plans as you go along 🙂



i am such a list person and i have to plan everything. i really need to start being more spontaneous. i keep telling my guy that we need to go on a trip. luckily i am now so good at packing, i can pack for two weeks in about 5 minutes (as long as all my clothes are clean). i'm glad you had a good time!

Katie + Courtney

Those heels are adorable! And good for you for taking that leap:)

It's funny that you're headed to Florida because Katie and I just made a post reminiscing about our trip there (Naples)!


Taylor Knittel

I am awful about spontaneous. I HAVE to have a plan when I'm doing anything. It's great, though, that you just jumped on that plane and went! There's nothing like going home (:

xo Taylor


Love doing this! Since I am currently in the middle of high school exams, I have been constantly pondering these thoughts and wantings of just escaping this crazy end-of-school world for a week or even, a weekend! I wish I could be more spontaneous! I am totally able to be, there is just no time in which I could hop on a plane and jet off to somewhere fun and warm! Soon (read: after these exams), I will have as much time as I want! Also, I am going to Paris this summer (early June) and I NEED style recommendations! I know you said that you were going this summer too so maybe you could dedicate a blog to what you are planning on bringing (slash buying) for your Paris trip! I NEED ideas! Thank you so much!!

Abigail Ueland


I'm so impressed by this outfit. It's the perfect combination of casual and chic. I must take notes! That J Crew tee may have to go on my wish-list.


Julia D.

I love being spontaneous, most of my trips begin like you described. I'm so happy you had a chance to go home. Hope it was a fun weekend!