Spring Break Flashback

No real spring break because of crew practices.

Sort of sad, but we have lots of fun!

But I miss Florida.

And I miss the hot sun.

And spring break vacations with my family.

The last spring break I went on (Jr. year of high school) we went to Seaside, FL. It’s a bit of a trek from Florida, but worth EVERY minute in the car.

The beaches are fabulous.
The water is warm.
The little town is super cute.
The sun is hot (too much for pale Carly).

The restaurants are delicious.
Ice cream is necessary. (We had a freezer FULL of ice pops!)

The shopping is fun.
The sand is like sugar.

The vacation is memorable.

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Great memories for you to keep and share!!! There will be lots more memories to come…plus…it won't be long and you will be back in sunny hot Florida!!!


Do NOT go to foot lovers blog- I do not mean to be cyber bulling but it is full of very offensive and low down things.


What have the crew kids been doing with fake spring break? Pretty bored here.