Spring Shades

So I know that we technically have more snow on the way and I’m certain we’ll have chilly days to come. Even with this not-so-great prognosis on winter, I have to say that I definitely felt spring the other morning. I judge the temperature by how quickly my fingers freeze while walking Teddy in the morning. On that particular morning, my fingers were chilly not frozen. And although it was a bit damp and grey outside, it smelled like spring. 
Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is getting me through the lingering snow storms and slushy sidewalks. (Not to mention, I booked my family a trip to Mexico at the end of the month… but that’s another post for another day.)
One thing I’m excited for that’s right around the corner? We get to spring forward! I will gladly give up an hour of sleep in the morning for an extra hour of daylight.
Bring. On. The. Sunshine.
Downing (with or without prescription) // Monogrammed Wayfarers
Original Aviators // Jayna (I have the black and the tortoiseshell!)
Clubmasters // Small Wayfarers (one of my faves!) 
Minnie (under $25!)
Any favorites from this list?!

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I have always wanted to splurge on a nice expensive pair of sunglasses (ahem Raybans) but I'm always so hesitant because I break or lose mine so frequently. Do you truly think a nice pair of sunglasses is worth the splurge? I always love the Tory Burch ones too!!

Annie Belle


I absolutely cannot wait for spring! We're currently getting five inches of snow in Dallas…which is a friggin' blizzard here and it's crazy and I'm so over it now! Lovely shades! I can't wait until I will actually need them! 🙂


I'm in dire need for a new pair of sunglasses! I think I've had my current pair for 8 years. But because I keep them so long, I feel okay about spending a bit more and making them an investment. These are some great choices – I'm always partial to the Ray Bans and Tory Burch ones.

Laura | Surf & Hydrangeas