Spring Things

We’ve had our first official taste of spring. It is beyond welcome. It’s a weird thing to be bundled up in down coats and trudging through slush one day and the next day rolling up your sleeves and donning ballet flats.
I was eating brunch with someone the other day and we were commiserating over the weather. We were daydreaming over how wonderful spring would be. Walks through Central Park. Coffee dates at sidewalk cafés. Cropped jeans and pastel sandals. Ready. For. That. (We also realized how much we need to savor the warm weather… because summer will surely be hot and humid and kind of miserable.)
So yes, spring is right around the corner. Rejoice! What better way to celebrate the (almost) turning of seasons with some spring things:
My wardrobe right now is feeling completely inadequate. Once the calendar switched over to March, all my inspiration for outfits went out the window! Seriously. It’s too cold for “springy” things, but it’s not winter anymore. So right now I’ve been trying to balance the weather versus the actual season. (I’ve sadly folded up and put away my plaids and tartans!) Accessorizing seems to be the way to go for now!
Have you switched over your closets yet? How are you incorporating the spring things into your outfits?

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Ahh spring is in the air, and I love it! Warm weather is coming. Spring is my favorite season just because of all the bright colors you get to wear. Brightens my day!

Sugar Snap Pearls

That top is so cute and would be such a great addition to any wardrobe! Also, I have been coveting one of those Lilly bangles for a while now, they're so cute. Love this post and your blog in general…seriously, I get so excited when I see a new post from you on my blogger dashboard!


Jessie Springer

I tied those shoes on yesterday but ended up not getting them… I'm Defibutely going to have to go by Kate spade again this week because I can't stop thinking about them!



It was absolutely devine here yesterday, 72! I think I'm still going to pack up all my bulky sweaters today and only rely on long sleeve shirts. Maybe my rejection of all things cold will get it to be spring faster! 🙂

carelessly graceful

Vina Smith

Love that umbrella! This post has made me so excited for spring, I can't wait to do some spring shopping 🙂


S.C. Mullenax

Where do you live, if you don't mind me asking. I'm in Florida and it's not officially Spring until another 10 or so days. But then again it's Florida, so we basically wear the same wardrobe year-round.


i cannot wait until i can bust out my sandals full time. i have worn them like 3 times in the last month but a few days later, i am back in my rain boots. i have put away the plaid and brought out the hot pink and sperrys. cannot wait to wear dresses and skirts without tights!