Sriracha Movie

Even if you don’t know what Sriracha is, you have probably seen the bottle before. Garrett watched this documentary about Sriracha and immediately needed a bottle to give it a go. “It goes with everything,” he told me. I watched it with him too and thought it was one of the best stories as far as documentaries go. (Here are more of my favorite documentaries!) The whole story behind the cult favorite sauce is incredibly inspiring. Who knew a short documentary about a condiment could be so captivating?!

After watching, I felt this strange desire for the sauce too! We found the bottle after searching the grocery store for quite some time (fyi, it’s in the section with Asian cuisine/ingredients and not with the traditional hot sauces) and we started trying it with various foods. It really can go with everything, especially if you like a little kick!

My favorite things to put Sriracha on? Chicken fingers, scrambled eggs, and ramen!

The movie is available to download on the website and it’s also available on Hulu right now, too.


PS This started off as a Kickstarter project! Love seeing creative things come to life when fans come together to support it!

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Ashley Blum

My fiance loves it and has me hooked on it now! We love adding it to stir fry! We just throw veggies and chicken or whatever protein we want in a pan. Then, along with either soy sauce or teriyaki sauce, we throw in siracha. It adds the perfect amount of heat and sweet! Also – a restaurant near me serves it as a dipping sauce for potato tots. It is SO GOOD!


I love all the documentaries you suggest! Have you watched Out Of The Clear Blue Sky? It's fairly new on Netflix. It's the most interesting 9-11 documentary I've saw.

Mary Mae
Western Prep


I love quirky documentaries, and most of the ones you recommend I end up loving. I haven't actually tried this condiment, but I guess I can check out this film anyway!

The Novelista

Jaclyn Frazier

^ didn't mean to delete that comment… Awkward.
I will definitely watch this documentary today! I love it on my sushi but I haven't tried it on anything else. Wait… I take that back, I did try the sriracha flavored Lays! Thanks for the recommendation!