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I’ve been reading a lot every single day (more details on that later).  I completely forgot that my mom has been collecting magazines that I haven’t had a chance to read.
I grabbed a few and dug in.
Magazines are so much fun to read.  Honestly, I have missed reading magazines.  Digital versions are great, but just don’t do it for me 100%.  In eighth grade, we had to dress up in character of “what we wanted to be when we grew up.”  I definitely dressed up as the editor of a magazine!!!  My experience with blogging and the exposure to various publications on the backend has re-inspired me to pursue this further.
In the meantime, however, I’ll stick to reading as many magazines as I can get my hands on.
I really wanted to share two pages from Lucky Magazine and Glamour.  Really, I wish I could share everything, but I’m not so sure about the legality or practicality of that option haha.
One week, One carryon???  Can it be done?!  Apparently.
Lookie Pookie and I were discussing our dream to travel with just a small handbag and without a care in the world about material things.  Of course, not so practical.  But, one carryon?  I’d love that!
The tips are great and Lucky provides different vacation spots and how to pack for them.

I loved the cover of Glamour.  Before even getting to this page, I was running through my head to determine if I could replicate the outfit.  Because I definitely will be at one point this summer.
My favorite on the page is the top Left.  So preppy and simple!!!  And how about the seersucker bathing suit?  Yes, please.
I love this bathing suit from Target.  The little buttons are a cute touch!

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My mom faithfully receives Lucky, and today I read it and fell in love with the Nantucket inspiration. I snatched that page for a packing guide for future trips! I'm so happy that you found it too!

-Paige Opinker

Caitlin C.

I drooled over that same page in Glamour! I love the nautical look and the striped tops. I share your same love for magazines 🙂


I have so many stacks of magazines that I haven't had time to read. I probably have a full year's worth of Elle in my bookcase that has yet to be read.

Target also always has the best swim suits!


For cheap mags, try thrift stores. At 25 cents each (or less) you can find some great reads for not a lot of cash. Plus it's kind of like