I am definitely not a “jewelry girl.” I go through phases where I love certain jewelry and wear them to death, and other times I can survive without wearing any. [Except for earrings… I feel naked without them!]
The jewelry I wear the most all have special meanings behind them, like I received it as a gift or something. I also love to layer my favorite pieces! When I layer bracelets, I call them “stacks.”
Here is my current favorite “stack”:

Thin gold cuff– Inscription: LIVE YOUR DREAMS; Received: After being accepted to Georgetown; From: My mom

Pearl Bracelet– Monogram charm; Interesting fact: I lost the original one when touring colleges in North Carolina
David Yurman- This is my new favorite; Why I love it: It has gold, silver, and pearls!!!
What is a piece of jewelry that you can’t live without?
Okay, now let me fill y’all in a little bit on how my first week went. I’m absolutely loving my classes so far (I know, I know… we’ve only met once, but still). I think a few are going to be a lot of work, but I think I’ll definitely be able to manage. I’ve only had one breakdown so far, haha, it’s all good now!
My weirdest class is about Witchcraft… It counts towards my Humanities credit. I like the professor and part of our grade is based on blog entries we do about the reading, which is pretty cool. I’m really looking forward to my theology and sociology classes though! I love the professors and the coursework is very interesting.

Random picture, but how cute! California Funk and I were matching. He ended up changing though 🙁
I probably won’t be able to do as many posts as I would like to because of my course load and crew practices. If you simply cannot live without knowing what I’m doing every minute… Follow my twitter!!! I love tweeting… As long as I’m not in class, I post about random musings throughout the day.
-College Prepster

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Headbands and Hand Bags

Beautiful bracelets, and so glad the first week has gone well! I wear of course my wedding rings daily, but I also wear my Tiffany initial just about every day, it is petit so I can layer if I am wearing pearls or anothe necklace as well! Have another great week!


Love your new post….first, you do look very tan…CA funk resembles your dad…I LOVE bracelets…always have and always will as you well know….always thought bracelets tell you about a person…simple, flashy,seasonal etc. there are so many changes one can make for whatever mood, sport or holiday. Have a wonderful semester…you are off to a running start.


Hi! My name is Arielle! I am a first year student at the University of Florida… but I saw your blog and it is absolutely precious! I am still new to blogging… but you have some great ideas!


loving the bracelets- I have the smallest wrists ever so they never fit- how hard was it to fit the yurman one- I've wanted one for ages!

so happy you're back in your stompin' grounds and with your rowerboys- isn't that just the best?!

PS- we'll have to talk HOCR meet up as it gets closer if you think you'll be in a boat!