Cold Weather


Considering that I’ve forced myself to LOVE winter this year (or at least not hate it), I’ve been narrowing in on how to make it more enjoyable. Without a doubt, the number one thing that I think is going to save me sounds easy enough. (It’s really just common sense.) Dressing. For. The. Weather. There’s a rhymed Norwegian phrase that translates to English as, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”

After spending a few days in Lake Placid with single digits and just getting back from a trip to Vermont with sub-zero temps, excluding windchill, I can attest. Having the right clothes on makes all the difference.

These are two different days from the Lake Placid trip, but as you can see, I have a pretty good formula for dressing! Skinny jeans or leggings + a parka + cozy sweater + warm boots. And a HAT.

Lake Placid Outfit Best Winter Outfit

Carly Heitlinger Barbour Beanie J Crew Fair Isle

Moncler Parka

Sorel Joan of Arctic  Carly the Prepster

Similar Neutral Hat // Similar Navy Hat // Parka // Sweater #1 // Sweater #2 // Similar Leggings // Boots #1 // Boots #2 // Sunglasses


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Natalie K.

I love the boots with the fur! I can see the lower part is pretty much waterproof, is it not? The parka looks cool as well. I love your style. xx

Michael @ Mile in My Glasses

Such great winter snaps from your trips! I totally need to hook myself up with some cold weather clothes! It keeps dipping under freezing here in the UK (though that’s by celsius standards so not as cold!) and here I am wearing ripped jeans like it’s the end of Spring.. Ha! It definitely doesn’t make a fun experience!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday,


Invest in socks! Smartwool has been my go to with the freezing weather in Chicago! The best ones are their Chups – totally worth the price! When JCrew has their “everything in the store” sale, the women’s Chups are included! (Not the men’s though – don’t know why) Smartwool long underwear is the best too! Stay warm


Def the outfit can change your attitude on the weather. I bought a TNA winter jacket three years ago and a good pair of Nike snow boots I bought 10 years ago and with the current temps we have been having in the midwest I don’t feel as negative as I would if I didn’t have the appropriate outfit to wear.


You always dress so cute for cold weather, Carly! I’m also from Florida and moved to SC last year. Last Wednesday when we had snow I didn’t even want to leave the house! My winter survival is dress to survive.


I was in NYC this weekend when the wind chills were in the negative digits. I had to wear a dress for an event, so I wore black tights and then black Athleta tights OVER that. It looked like I was just wearing normal tights and I was so warm! Just wanted to share that trick I discovered!


Did you remove the real fox fur collar just for the pictures, or did you purchase the coat without the fur collar?


I’m surprised and disappointed to see how many bloggers I love are promoting Moncler coats. As a dog lover and former vegetarian, I’m surprised you’d be willing to purchase a product with fox fur, especially fur that is there for essentially aesthetic reasons. I’ll never be a Moncler fan.


Hey Carly! I’ve been a longtime reader but i think this is my first time commenting! Thanks for all the amazing content you make – your hard work definitely shows. 🙂 I did want to ask, as i saw you wearing this coat in an insta post, what made you decide on the moncler coat? I finally pulled the plug and made the biggest splurge of my life to buy a canada goose, and did a ton of research, which I’m sure you did as well. I’d love to hear your thought process, since you strike me as someone stylish but smart and thrifty at the same time!


I have both! The Canada Goose is DEFINITELY warmer, but I like the fit of the Moncler more!