Stripe-y Stripes!

Oh, let’s get ready for warmer weather with some STRIPES. Seriously, nothing quite says warm weather like a pretty striped dress. They’re the easiest thing to throw on and go look like you put in a lot of effort. In case you missed it, I really like outfits with minimum effort.
Another thing is that they can easily be dressed up or down. Days at the park? Check. Nights on the town? Check. Throw on a blazer for cooler nights. Wear ballet flats while shopping. And wedges on dates. The versatility behind the classic stripe dress is half the beauty of the dress. Do you agree?
I already have quite the collection of stripes (oops, and polka dots). But I think I need to add one (or… two) new dresses for the season. Let me know what trend screams “Summer!” to you… 
This is one of my favorite striped dresses that I already have. It’s an older Lilly style and I wear it a little too frequently once it gets warmer outside!

Which dress would you choose? What summer dress is your go-to?
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My favourite summer dresses can all be found here ( and they're all pastels, black and denim. Do you know Wantworthy? It's amazing – like a beautifully presented wishlist you can compile across the internet with the touch of a button! I've been using it all the time since I installed it! Sorry I sound like an advert 😛

Of your choices, I definitely love the Kate Spade dress best., though the Nordstrom is also very cute.



Love the J.Crew rugby-stripe dress! Please check out my blog–become a member!!



I wore that SAME Lilly dress in blue to my homecoming party when I got back from Afghanistan. I USA'ed it up with some red kate spade ostrich pumps & glammy cocktail rings to finish off the look. That dress has a great sentimental value to me!

Cairee Alyse

I'm in love with the J Crew Villa dress. Even more so that I saw it in person yesterday! Now can memorial day be over so I can pull out my white Lilly dress?!