Striped One-Shoulder One-Piece

Just going to say this upfront here… the bathing suit is almost entirely completely sold out. It’s available in teal in a few sizes and a couple more sizes in a long-torso version. This has to be the cutest swim suit on the market right now and it’s disappointing how quickly it sold out. From what I’ve heard, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be restocked. I’m crossing my fingers that J. Crew will revive it for this winter’s resort season or next summer; I wish I had grabbed it in the navy stripe too!
(This one is a good alternative if you’re looking for something similar. And this is a cute navy/white option.)
Skimpy string bikinis have never really been my thing and I’m so happy to see more cute one-piece options out there. I think one-pieces can be unflattering if they’re not the right cut for your body, but when done right they’re super chic. Feeling confident in a bathing suit is a challenge for me and I really go out of my way to make sure I feel great in what I choose. This one-piece was just perfect and I felt quite amazing in it.
I bought this bathing suit the minute I saw it in the catalog and I was thrilled to take it out for a spin swim while in Boca Grande last weekend.

One-Shoulder One-Piece // Sunglasses // Sun Hat (50% off right now!!!!)

More J. Crew one pieces that are super adorable and chic:

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Leda Olia

LOVE this suit! It's so classic. I'm so thrilled that one-piece swimsuits are considered "in" this summer because I only wear one-pieces! Even though I'm confident in my body, I just think they're super flattering (I always get tons of compliments!).

xx Leda

Liz Morrison

You look so cute in it! Love the stripes and detail on the shoulder! Haven't worn a one-piece in forever but this is cute

Kate S.

How do you find the support? I sometimes find one piece suits tricky because I have a larger chest and there isn’t always enough support for the ladies.