Striped Perfection

This dress has patiently been hanging on my office garment rack for weeks now. (Maybe it’s actually crossed over into “months” territory actually?) I finally decided that I wasn’t going to wait for the perfect occasion or perfect weather… I’m not going anywhere anyway, so do either of those things matter? Not right now.

Even though it’s a little fancy, it’s actually a pretty great dress to wear around the house and has inspired me to try to do this more often, my mood was lifted for sure.

Besides the pockets (which I always appreciate), I love that the straps are wide enough so you can wear a regular bra 🙌🏻

Dress (c/o, currently 15% off) // Old Earrings (similar)

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You will probably block me for the truth but that dress is not at all fancy. It’s “cute” in a totally worn-out way. Definitely wear it around the house! But it’s not practical for anything else except sleeping. For girls who work, no. Vacation, maybe, but not if you want to look sexy. It’s a striped house dress. You look “cute” in it but you’re 30 and there are far better dresses, even for Nantucket. You are a good friend for supporting the GMG brand, even though it’s a bad match.


I don’t think that’s a very nice way to put it! Personally, I think it’s a cute dress and if you look at older posts, you can really see how well it fits into Carly’s style. In my opinion, she looks great!

While not all GMG styles are for me (a little too girly maybe), this one I actually love and could see myself wearing with some sneakers and a leather jacket. Also nice to have the outfit posts back !! 🙂


I love this dress on you, Carly. Easily dressed up with a cute pair of wedges and dressed down with a pair of sandals! Gorgeous.


I LOVE this dress!! I have had my eye on it forever and was planning to purchase for a tropical vacation that has since been canceled. Wearing a pretty dress around the house always lifts my spirits, too!


Hi Carly! This dress is really “cute”, and very you!

I’d love to see a round-up of your favorite midi dresses – “fancy” or casual! It would be a fun post to read.

Keep up the good work!


The dress is so fun, Carly, and it looks great on you. It’s cheerful seeing people dress up ~ especially right now!


This is one of my favorite dresses you’ve ever worn and you look absolutely beautiful in it! I am sorry you get rude comments. I am 35 and couldn’t care less if someone doesn’t like me for whatever reason. Life is too damn short! You do you, girl. 🙂

Helena Rodriguez

This dress’s beautiful and It looks so good on you!
Where I live it would be definitely considered a fancy dress. I really like your style.
Thanks to you I have now a blue and white obsession. It’s a lovely combination.

Kelly Golightly

Absolutely gorgeous! Love that it can be dressed up or down — and you’re so right, dressing up at home definitely lifts spirits.

Today, in honor of Audrey Hepburn’s birthday, I’m doing a zoom happy hour with friends where we’re all wearing LBDs. 🙂

Denise Groulx

I’m flabbergasted! This dress is almost exactly like the one I sewed when I was about your age. This is a timeless style. Super!


So beautiful and elegant. I’m not sure how to type this, but Carly would you consider writing a post on dressing “cute” and “sweet” in your thirties? I’m 31, I formally wore bows and polka dots and Peter Pan collars, ruffles and lots of cute things, it doesn’t suit me anymore personally and I feel juvenile in a few items. I recently purchased a delicately ruffled blouse through Sezane (a clothing line for fully grown women), and I seriously looked like a was seven. I returned it, anyhow, I’m curious about your wardrobe heading into your thirties. You are such a style inspiration for me!