Stripes for Days

It seems like I’m really focusing on all those classic staple pieces in my closet on my blog this year. Today, it’s all about the striped shirt. Now, I can’t lie here… there is not “one” striped shirt in my closet. There are many striped shirts. I can’t get enough– and not without good reason. More often than not I find myself reaching for a striped shirt instead of a plain tee. The stripes are a bit more interesting, and they really are so classic looking.

I’m all for all kinds of stripes, but if you were to get just one, a Saint James navy and white shirt would be my top recommendation. I’ve had this shirt for years. I’m pretty sure I got it in 2012, and it’s remained one of my favorites.

Bermuda Outfit

I think it ends up in every suitcase that I pack for trips. I pack it even if it’s not part of a planned outfit. And more often than not, I end up wearing it, opting for something comfortable and something I know I’m going to feel good in.

I wore it while we were in Bermuda. Originally I put it on because it was cold and I wanted a shirt under my sweater while exploring the Crystal Caves. By the afternoon, it had warmed back up enough to rock the striped shirt sans sweater. I was so glad I packed it!

Hamilton Princess Bermuda

Maybe I’m beating a dead horse at this point, but when you have these simple staples in your closet (in this case: white jeans, a cable knit, and a striped shirt), you really don’t need to worry about what you’re wearing. You just know you’re going to look good. I like to try trends on occasion, but I can’t deny the timeless style of a classic look.

There’s no hemming and hawing necessary. You don’t have to stand in front of the mirror figuring out if the trend looks good or not on you or ask your friend if you can “pull it off.” Bam.

Saint James Tee

And no need for overaccessorizing. Red flats and matching red lips and I was good to go.

White Jeans Striped Shirt

Photos by Carter Fish

Saint James Striped Shirt // White Jeans // Similar Necklace // Similar Bracelet // Lipstick: “Red Carpet” // Red Shoes (c/o– love the similar scalloped version) // Sunglasses

Shop more stiped shirts below:

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I love that you included all price points for the suggested tops at the bottom! The red lip looks so good on you!

Stephanie Grace

I absolutely love this post, as I was reading this, I looked down and I realized that I’m wearing a navy and white striped dress, ha! I’m really looking forward to the rest of your posts like this one!


I am a big fan of strip clothes. Your Dress blows my mind. And the red lipstick and red shoes make it more attractive. Beautiful pics!

Katie McC

I can’t wait for J.Crews national stripes holiday on Friday! Even planned an accidental outfit post to go along with it! I own so many stripes to!! When I open my drawers, at least 10 striped shirts in different colors pop out. Maybe it’s the Florida girl in me who loves them? I’m not sure but I do agree their a staple and add a little extra something to your outfit. -Katie

Kristen from Pugs & Pearls

I’m exactly the same. I always gravitate toward stripes over solids. I guess it’s a little more interesting? My husband was laughing at me yesterday when I pulled two ‘identical’ navy and white striped tees out of the laundry basket to fold. They were actually has an ombre stripe and the other has bell sleeves, hah!