Style Guide: Keri Russell

Whenever I find myself in a little bit of a funk or a tiny rut during the day, I tend to head over to Pinterest for a shot of inspiration. Everything on there makes me want to dress better, be more creative, learn something new, go somewhere I’ve never been to, or wish I was friends with someone awesome. I love it. (And it’s even better on the iPad.)
Well, when I saw this picture of Keri Russell, I was just in love. Total girl crush. The hair, the sunnies, the sweater, the casual jeans. I loved Felicity and just think that Keri Russell is gorgeous and talented. This outfit though? Perfection!
I’ve been working out my new work schedule and something that I’ve learned is that I need at least three days with nothing scheduled. Two of those days is for sitting at my desk and just cranking through emails and getting little loose ends tied up and big three-hour tasks done. The third day (most of the time Saturday) is for relaxing and hanging out with friends. The other four days has meetings all around town which means I have to actually get dressed in a working way.
But the three days with nothing? CASUAL. I tend to make a few trips to the UPS store to pick up packages and the grocery store or meeting Mackenzie for a café work session so I have to get dressed (duh), but I can be super super super casual and comfortable. It’s my new favorite thing. Keri nails the casual, comfortable, and chic look here.
I went hunting for the full-length photo and oh! she’s wearing little oxford flats!!! I die.
Get her look:
I’ll take the whole outfit, please and thank you.
What is your go-to casual, chic look?

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Little Boxes & Bows

Oh my goodness, I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a sweater just like Keri Russell's ever since I first saw this picture of Tumblr. The outfit guide is so accurate!

Thank you!!

– Brianna


Love this outfit, I like button downs and jeans, or if I'm really stressed a college sweatshirt or t-shirt.

Jackie {York Avenue}

She does look perfectly effortless and adorable. I forgot how much I like her, I'd love to get all the seasons of Felicity and watch from the beginning again. It's been too long!

Nicole Cabral

I totally get what you mean by getting inspired by Pinterest! Whenever I see something on Pinterest, it usually makes my day no matter how bad it's been.