Style Guide: Tory Burch

I love Tory Burch. Both the brand and the woman. Her entrepreneurship story is super interesting. (She literally started her company from her kitchen table… and now it’s worth billions. Literally. Whoa.)
I remember when I first heard of the name “Tory Burch.” I was watching Oprah and she was a guest and I fell in love with the bright colored tunics she was sporting. Then all of a sudden, it was like everyone I knew was wearing her shoes. And then she was a household name.
Tory Burch the brand is obviously great… but so is Tory Burch herself. Seriously. That girl has style. She dresses in such an effortless way. She’s chic and comfortable and totally cool.
I am envious of the way she can throw on the best layers and mix and match patterns and prints and textures.
Total. Girl. Crush.

Want to dress like her? I totally do. Here’s my take on the “Tory Burch Style Guide”:

A little crazy? Definitely. But I kind of like that about Tory. If anyone can pull off jacquard, stripes, espadrilles, and natural necklaces…. it’s totally her. Yep.
What do you think? Whose style would you like to most emulate?


PS I really love this tunic…. is it too late in the season to think about buying new summery dresses?

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Love, love, love Tory Burch. She's a fabulous lady with a fabulous company.

It's never too late! I say go for it. The tunic is divine!



H. Thiers

I love Tory Burch's style! It is so chic! If I could emulate anyone's style it would have to be Lauren Conrad. I absolutely love the way she dresses!



I really admire how Tory Burch and Jenna Lyons dress, although I find myself trying to emulate other bloggers more than designers or celebrities. I personally love Mackenzie from Design Darling's style and yours as well, Carly! I'm definitely trying to make brighter and bolder wardrobe choices!



I love her style, I'm horrible with mixing and matching, I always feel like I look odd, and the biggest key of making anything work is confidence. She looks amazing because she knows she does.

Fashion and Happy Things

Chelsea Mac

I'm right there with you – Tory is the cat's pajamas. She's such a fantastic role model with a great story of how she built her brand, maintains a life with a family, and totally rocks at it. She's amazing.


Don't forget one of the important details about her (especially since this is a blog about prep): she's a prep school grad! The Agnes Irwin School class of 1984.

Kristin Thompson

She's amazing! She went to elementary/high school at the all girls school behind my university. All my girl friends loved when I found out that little fun fact!


Anna H

LOVE HER. And the outfit you picked is just perfect for her. I love mixing stripes and other prints – it's the ultimate preppy cool.

Also, you could totally pair that dress with tights/leggings and boots, if that makes it easier for you to buy. Who says you can't wear tunics in winter?