Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays are amazing. In the city, everyone basically lives for Friday. Some offices start an hour early and then people go home early… some end at lunch… some are off-site field trips for professional development or team building… some are completely off.
Levo doesn’t technically have Summer Fridays… but I always start early because I just know that my brain walks right out of the door at 2pm. My brain walks right out on out. Seriously. See ya. 
Union Square is definitely not my most favorite part of the city… but I think it’s a great place to work. The subway station has all the convenient trains. There’s a Whole Foods, a Dunkin Donuts, two options for Starbucks, one hundred restaurants that serve margaritas within walking distance, Fifth Ave shopping right around the corner, and a super short walk to the Flatiron District (my favorite place)!
Oh… and the Union Square Greenmarket. The farmers market is literally so much fun to simply walk through. Walking through and seeing what the different vendors are selling after work on Friday is the perfect way to kick off the weekend. I love meeting up with friends who work in the area, walking around for a bit, and then grabbing dinner. The best.
Fresh fruits. Seasonal flowers. Fragrant lavender. Homemade soaps, pies, and jams. 

The Kate Spade Thelma dress is pretty much my new favorite dress. I knew that I had to get it and I’m already planning on wearing it to a million different places this summer. It’s sweet, comfortable, and great for the heat. And the pockets and collar details? I die.

What are some of your favorite summer activities?

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Hunter Thiers

Well, I absolutely love going on picnics in the summer and playing beach volleyball! Both are so much fun to do 🙂


Kate Mitchell

Love the dress! Sounds like loads of fun. When I'm in the city, I love walking around Newbury St with a coffee in hand. In the country, laying on the dock or deck with a book is my favorite. Gotta love summer!


Sara Langford

You look so cute! And that little Minka is to die for. My Saturday mornings are usually reserved for brunch + market shopping for me…I love weekend rituals!!

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


Julia D.

I love Summer Fridays. We don't have any set time to leave, but we're all gone by four to head out for post-work drinks together without fail every time.