summer is here!

The official start of summer is here! Insert “person raising both hands in celebration” emoji.
After spending too much time outside in the sun and not enough time drinking water, I found myself extremely dehydrated Friday night. I’ve been so much better about drinking water (since this post!) by keeping water by my desk at all times. When it’s right there, it’s super easy to remember to drink it. The place I need improvement? When I’m not at my desk. Friday was the perfect storm. I felt okay when I got back to the city… Garrett and I had dinner and that’s really when I noticed just how thirsty I was. I drank glass after glass after dinner, but still had a headache. The headache got worse and worse. Now, I’m used to migraines, but this was a NEW LEVEL headache. Let’s just say, I spent the rest of my night throwing up… It was disgusting and horrible. If I needed a wakeup call about drinking water in the summer, I heard it loud and clear on Friday night.
I’ve never been hungover, but I imagine that how I felt Saturday morning is what it would feel like. Extra water and laziness before brunch. Luckily it was with my good friend and it was the perfect brunch spot: Palma. We sat (in the shade) in the courtyard and just talked and caught up and relaxed. Love those kind of low-key brunches! We used to work together so it’s always fun to get to see each other now that we have different jobs.

Salmon Eggs Benedict and French Toast!

I always have the “Sweet versus Savory” debate when at brunch. I know I’ll feel better throughout the day if I go for something like an omelet… but the French toast always sounds (and ends up tasting) so good. 

The restaurant is on the tucked away street and the courtyard is an absolute oasis– filled with gorgeous flowers!
We had a lazy afternoon. Naps, laundry, apartment cleaning. Topped it off with a walk around the neighborhood after dark and delivery + a movie.
Today was beautiful and we took advantage of the warm, breezy day for a long walk with Teddy. He loves walking around and meeting all of the other dogs and kids. (But he also gets lazy– it’s so funny, he just plops down on the ground when he’s had enough!)
I love summer weekends in the city! I wish it were like this year round. I would contemplate moving out of here a lot less I’m sure. Ha. Looking forward to a casual night tonight before gearing up for Monday morning email marathoning.
How was your weekend?!

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I have the same water problem on the weekends. I'm fine during the week when I'm at work and at my desk but my water intake on the weekends is much lower. Haven't figured out a solid fix for it yet.

Laura Van Curen

Coffee is super dehydrating too! If you drink a lot of coffee you need to make sure you are also replenishing what you lost with water or you could definitely get really sick.

Kathleen Martini

TEDDY PLOPPING HE IS ADORABLE. My puppy (Noodle) does the same, but first she jumps at my leg to say, "Mom, please pick me up now. I'm done, mom. Now."
Puppies are phenomenal.