Summer Travel Memories

I know we have three more weeks of official summer, but Labor Day always feels like the true season finale. With this cold weather that we’ve been having, it feels much less like summer and more like fall. (I am at the beach right now, but thankfully stopped at a store to pick up leggings, socks, and cozy long sleeves!)

That said, I wanted to recap this summer because it was truly the best summer I think that I’ve ever had. So many incredible memories and adventures. While I don’t want summer to end, I know I filled this one as much as I possibly could.

Eiffel Tower

I kicked off Memorial Day weekend (the unofficial start of summer) in Paris!

Georgetown Reunion

I spent the next weekend in DC for my five-year reunion.

Sankaty Lighthouse

Next up was my first trip to Nantucket of the year!

Fourth of July Nantucket

Then I was on Nantucket with my girlfriends for the Fourth of July!

Nantucket Dog Vacation

And I went back for the next week too!

In between trips, there have been lazy weekends, busy weekends, lots of reading, cat naps when I could swing it, and hours upon hours at the dog park.

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You definitely had an amazing summer — can’t wait to see where your future travels take you! Would love to see more international trips on the blog 🙂