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Per usual, the weather here in DC is out of control. This weekend, it rained for what felt like twenty-four straight hours. (Seven of which I spent outside, freezing in the rain!) Fast forward another day, and it’s gorgeous outside! Not super warm, but bright and sunny!!!
I totally understand why people use “light boxes” in geographic locations where the sun isn’t out that much. I definitely feel my mood worsen when it’s cloudy day after day.
Waking up naturally with the sunrise leads to a much more productive morning and, consequently, day for me. (As a side note, consider downloading f.lux for your computer if you tend to work late at night. It automatically adjusts the lighting of your computer so that you can fall asleep better. Consider it a virtual sunset!!! It does take some getting used to, but after five or so minutes you completely forget.)
I’m hoping that since April is almost over that we’ll be getting more sunny days more consistently. Please, DC?
So I started bookmarking my favorite sunglasses and noticed a trend. I’ve been rocking the traditional Ray-Ban Wayfarers for almost two years now (still one of my most-favorite birthday presents!), but maybe I need some big glasses… you know, the whole glamorous thing?
Top to Bottom:
The last pair on the list (the Lilly) is my favorite!!! I love the color because it’s a little bit different. I also think that the shape is just super cute!
Which ones do you like?

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Kelsey Albrektson

I am having the same problem! I got my Rayban's 2 years ago and need to upgrade to something new. I love the Lilly glasses, the color is fabulous and would go with a lot. I also like the Rayban's at the bottom of your collection with the leopard look. Super Cute!!



Can't thank you enough for this post. Just what I needed. I ordered the Lilly Drew sunnies on Rue La La a couple weeks ago and I've been surprisingly uncertain since they arrived. Don't get me wrong, they are super cute, just not my normal style. Last weekend I made the decision to keep them and this just confirms it!

Thanks much,


Great post! I'd say continue rocking the Ray-Ban Wayfarer (the new smaller frames offered)… or, the Lilly pair. Warby Parker has some fresh new sunglasses you might like over at Though I'm not sure if they are prescription only…


That's so crazy that you picked the Lilly's because my bf got me a pair that is seriously the same as those…. except he found them for $1 at a thrift store!